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Valuable Items Sold at Texas Government Auctions

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

Once you know, you know, and many people are benefiting from knowing about a certain something going down all over the state of Texas. This particular thing includes the selling of trucks, police cars, military vehicles, and so much more. We’re of course talking about government surplus auctions, a place where ordinary citizens can get their hands on some surprising commodities. The kind they see everyday, but think they’d never use for themselves. If you live in the area, then here’s what you should know about the valuable items being sold at Texas government auctions

Who Can Buy at Texas Government Auctions

The state’s surplus is managed by the Texas Facilities Commission. Their primary customer base consists of Texas residents, but their services are open to the entire public. Most often with surplus auctions, the bidder is responsible for picking up the purchased commodity. For that reason, most customers will reside in the state as opposed to traveling in from out of town.

Where to Find Texas Government Auctions

For those who are interested, there’s a couple of places to find Texas government auctions. One such place would be the Texas Facilities Commission’s website where the group explains signing up for bids, pricing, their contact details, and other relevant information. As they indicate, their surplus lineup includes vehicles, furniture, office equipment, heavy equipment, and many more items. 

On their website you can also find information on an in-person retail store they run in Austin. The shop has limited hours, but the online auctions are regular.

If you’re in the surplus market for a vehicle, don’t take your next step without our vehicle surplus guide. We’ll help you smoothen out the process and make well-informed decisions.

Another way to find government surplus listings for Texas is to search directly on Municibid’s website. In addition to searching for items based on type, like landscaping or police cars, items can be filtered by state too.

Valuable Items Sold At Texas Government Auctions

1984 International S1954 6X4

1984 International S1954 6X4 image

Sold Price: $9,150

Topping off our list is a military vehicle, one 1984 International S1954. This decommissioned vehicle is a dump truck equipped with a standard transmission and diesel engine. The design and purpose of this truck make it the perfect addition to a landscaping company. While the current signage will need to be removed for legal reasons, the automotive utility remains.

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2012 Ford 3/4 Ton Pickup

2012 Ford 3/4 Ton Pickup

Sold Price: $9,800

The City of Center sold this 2012 Ford pickup as surplus, likely auctioning it after attaining a newer model for themselves. These vehicles are typically used by the city to transport personnel or equipment over distances. After reaching a certain mileage or for other reasons, they get replaced with newer trucks. When citizens get their hands on these auctioned vehicles, they can use them as leisurely rides or repurpose them into something for their businesses, like an electrical or landscaping company. Trucks are also useful because they can be outfitted with different types of attachments to replace the bed or equipped for towing.

2013 Chevy Tahoe MPV 122K

2013 Chevy Tahoe MPV 122K

Sold Price: $10,600

Another truck auctioned on the Texan marketplace was this 2013 Chevy Tahoe MPV. The nondescript exterior makes it easy to use as a personal vehicle or the type of truck that could work well with a business like a private security detail. That being said, this was once used as a police vehicle. Signage may not have been an issue with this particular purchase, but oftentimes police cars will have an interior in need of attention. That’s the case here as indicated in the product description – scratches, worn areas, screw holes, and similar things. These are no reasons to avoid bidding on the car altogether, especially for the price and utility, but are details to keep in mind while bidding. These will be costs to consider later.

2001 40′ Newflyer Transit Bus

2001 40' Newflyer Transit Bus

Sold Price: $11,100

Like trucks that are employed by the city, buses eventually reach a retirement date too. This 2001 40’ Newflyer Transit Bus has become a treasure to some lucky bidder. There’s no shortage of possible ways to use and convert buses. Some people use these behemoths as tailgating or recreational vehicles, while others turn them into food trucks.

2017 Chevrolet F150 4 Wheel Drive

2017 Chevrolet F150 4 Wheel Drive

Sold Price: $15,300

If you’re maintaining a fleet for your small business, not only do you want affordable vehicles like a 2017 Chevrolet F150, but you want vehicles that are uniform. This is more than just aesthetically pleasing for you and your customers. Uniformity within a fleet ensures that repairs are similar and predictable. Many businesses like taxi companies frequent government auctions for this benefit.

2000 Mack Roll-Off Truck

2000 Mack Roll-Off Truck

Sold Price: $23,960

This 2000 Mack Roll-Off Truck included a transferable title with the bid. Such a feat is not always included when purchasing auctioned vehicles. The potential reasons for a missing title vary. Sometimes the title was misplaced or damaged and never replaced. Other reasons include the vehicle is being sold as government surplus, but began as a confiscated or seized item from the public. Government vehicles are often well maintained and will most often include titles. The same is not always the case with civilian vehicles that end up as government surplus. All of that being said, whether or not a vehicle comes with a title is important to consider if you ever want to begin your own used car dealership.

Used Portable Security Booth

Used Portable Security Booth

Sold Price: $266

One other surprising item on this list is a used portable security booth, sold by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. There’s no shortage of interesting and unexpected items to find at these auctions, all of which you could use for their intended purpose. However, people who bid at auctions often get creative in how they resell and repurpose their wins. Something like a security booth could again be used for security, or could be employed as a ticket booth for a community event.

2013 Goshen Paratransit Bus 

2013 Goshen Paratransit Bus

Sold Price: $8,100

Families have been known to make use of auctioned buses as recreational vehicles. These vehicles seat multiple people, can be decorated, and potentially serve as a mobile home when traveling. This 2013 Goshen Paratransit Bus is going to offer the winning bidder’s family all that, not to mention the affordability.


If you’re a Texas resident, then there’s no good reason to wait. Head on over to Municibid’s catalog and find a valuable item to enhance your life at home or on the job today.


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