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Three Government Tech Trends You Need To Know About


Three Government Tech Trends You Need To Know About

It is argued that the private sector is more entrepreneurial and innovative than the public sector with regards to technology investments and implementations. Traditionally, this thesis is not faulty. The nature of the private sector requires that commercial enterprises respond to and navigate the changes in a marketplace in order to remain competitive. Now more than ever, however, we are witnessing the public sector change their modus operandi in an effort to advance the citizen experience.

The citizen experience refers to a citizen-centric approach when implementing and delivering government services. Technology is at the forefront. Look around you. From smarter cities connected to the internet of things, to big data investments that streamline logistics and safety, governments are doubling down on tech whilst responding to the new expectations created by its citizens. Over halfway through 2018, and looking towards 2019, here are three tech trends we should be expecting to see more frequently in the public sector:

IT Modernization

In December of 2017, the U.S. Modernizing Government Technology Act became law. In a nutshell, governments are scrapping legacy IT in support of the transition to future tech. This means governments are readying to run more efficient systems, including modular systems that enable cross-agency collaboration.

The three A’s.

Analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Analytics are nothing new. Governments have been collecting data for ages. The process by which data is now consumed, extrapolated, and used to implement change is at an all-time efficiency. Analytics compliment automation, and this ultimately streamlines monotonous and time consuming procedures so that government employees can focus on strategy and big ideas. As for artificial intelligence, it’s future is increasingly certain. Check out this link: Process Robotics in the Federal Government

Okay, this is not exactly a tech trend, but it’s important…

A looming concern is while the public sector employs tech to meet the needs of the citizen experience, what will become of its public servants? A modernized government will certainly open doors for a modernized workforce. There will be a need for upskilling existing government employees. With that said and done, automation and artificial intelligence present a valid concern that may outperform the human.

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Mike Bianchini
Chief Operating Officer | Municibid


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