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Technology Startups Who Are Working Hard to Empower the Public Sector


Technology Startups Who Are Working Hard to Empower the Public Sector

Like all technology startups, Municibid, was once a budding seed. 2019 marks our thirteenth year in business. We’ve come a long way since we were a small, one person operation. One of the key drivers behind our growth has been our uncompromising will to consistently provide governments, schools, and the public with the best technology. As we observe government technology startups, it’s refreshing to see that the same perseverance and eagerness to build technologies that have the power to elevate how governments better themselves, and their citizens. I’d like to share with you a few technology startups whom I admire and believe are creating awesome technologies for the public sector.


I published a blog article a few months back on Connected Government Act (H.R. 2331) which requires all federal agencies that create or update a website intended for use by the public to ensure that the website is mobile friendly. Just three years young, the team at  ProudCity are making big waves in a movement to bring government websites up to Congressional snuff.

Not only do they provide an accessible and economical solution to creating a mobile friendly website, ProudCity offers a comprehensive suite of government solutions. This ranges from forms, to payments, to publishing, and more. If your government’s website is in need of some tender love and care, ProudCity is a promising option.


Winning a government contract comes with its challenges. If you’re a small business, complex processes, long sales cycles, and well rooted incumbents create hurdles which are not always easy to jump over. Capture2’s software is working to make it easier for small to medium sized companies to be able to business with the government. The software uses thoughtful data and search preferences that make it easier for companies to find contracts that are the best fit for their services. I believe this sort of fine tuning not only empowers the private sector, but will indeed position more needs specific experts and companies in front of agencies whilst open for bid.


The folks at Eulcd are building something really neat. Their mission is to help governments understand how their citizens feel about them. The company has started working with police departments to survey and gather data (in near real-time) that provides law enforcement with a trust score. This helps police departments evaluate, and modify, how they approach building trust and more constructive interactions with their communities. For an interesting read, Wired Magazine tells an interesting story on how Elucd is helping the New York City Police Department better understand its own precincts.

Are you currently following any interesting technology startups working to improve the public sector? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Greg Berry
Founder & CEO | Municibid


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