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Surplus auction nets Mansfield $160,000

Taken from article in the Mansfield Sun Chronicle by Lauren Carter 

MANSFIELD – The town has made almost $160,000 by auctioning off surplus equipment.

The town auctioned off 78 extra items on, a site that hosts online government auctions. The auction closed Dec. 22. Town Manager William Ross said a number of items sold have already been sent out, and the formerly cluttered rear section of the highway department has cleared out considerably.

“Sanford and Son’s is going out of business rapidly,” Ross joked, referring to the popular TV show about a junk dealer and his son.

Some of the auctioned items include old police cars, plows and sanders, as well as trucks, trailers, tools and some bicycles that will be going to Africa.

“Hopefully they don’t send them to Kenya, because that would lessen the impact of the marathon there,” Selectman George Dentino joked.

Ross said that since he took over as town manager, he has been eager to eliminate the town’s excess equipment.

The auction not only earns the town some additional money and reduces clutter, but removes the items from the town’s insurance list.

“There’s so many advantages to cleaning house that really benefit everyone, so kudos to you and the whole staff,” Selectmen Chairman Jess Aptowitz said.

Mike Ahearn, public buildings and special projects manager, helped to oversee the auction.

Ross said the process is now in place to auction items and move surplus vehicles and other unnecessary equipment out of town on a regular basis.

The auction earned more than expected. Ross initially estimated the town would receive something in the range of $75,000.

Ross said the majority of the income will go to the water and wastewater utilities, which had the biggest items sold.

Aptowitz called the results “awesome” and said auctioning off no-longer-needed equipment was long overdue.

“We got money into the town,” Aptowitz said. “It doesn’t matter where it goes – it’s going to be used for good purposes.”

LAUREN CARTER covers Mansfield for The Sun Chronicle. She can be reached at 508-236-0336 or at


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