June 22

Tools and Tech: The Hottest New Landscaping Gadgets on the Market


If you find yourself stuck in the woes of dull, antiquated tools that do nothing but hold back your landscaping needs, fear not. The grass is indeed greener on the other side of the fence.

In order to advance your business or simply keep up with the high expectations that your good work has set, you need the most efficient tools to maximize potential. This may be old news, but the following list of gadgets are anything but that.

MidMount PowerVac Collection Systems for True ZeroTurnTM MidMountTM Mowers from Grasshopper Co.

Grasshopper’s PowerVacs are easily installed and feature a steel impeller that compacts anything from high-moisture leaves and grass to small sticks and hay. The efficient and productive vacuum collection system allows for side discharge and mulching in minutes without the fear of clogging.

Keeping a well-manicured and clean lawn while using the PowerVac is no hassle. The rear-mounted collector allows for full visibility and maneuverability. This gadget cuts down on several hours of clean up work and streamlines the process of perfecting a front or back lawn.

62-Inch Landplane Attachment for Utility Vehicles from Bobcat

Bobcat Company broadens its utility vehicle attachment versatility with the new 62” landplane. This attachment allows for dual direction, site preparation, and landscaping, all while providing the option for workers to operate in both forward or reverse directions, depending on the ground level.

With the new landplane, utility vehicles can easily pulverize soil clumps; sift through soil to remove any large rocks; peel sod; aerate soil for seeding; and remove debris. Additionally, an optional fold-down scarifier can be used to help break up hard soil or turf and is easily retracted when not in use.

Avant 420 from Avant Tecno

The Avant 420 is well suited for homeowners or light professional use. This loader is easy to ride, yet powerful. The 20-horsepower unit is 2,100 lbs and 86.4 inches, front to back, with a lifting capacity of 1,200 lbs.

This mini digger is most efficient for projects where digging depth is 59” or less. The digger mounts directly on the quick-attach plate of the loader and operates through the auxiliary hydraulics control lever.

Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose from Stanley Black & Decker

The Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose features PolyFusion technology, which makes it lightweight and very easy to manipulate. Its resistance to scratches and scraping allows it to be used on rough surfaces.

This hose also uses an anti-kink technology which provides optimal elasticity to prevent inconvenient kinking. As a highly flexible tool, it remains pliable even in negative degree weather.

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HRX 217VKA Lawnmower from Honda Power Equipment

With it’s adjustable speed and cutting positions, this fuel efficient lawn mower gets the job done. The self-propelled mower is built for medium surface areas and hilly terrain, and allows for variable speeds from 1-4 MPH.

The Honda HRX maximizes the flow of grass clippings and minimizes any clogging with its patented 4-in-1 Versamow System™. Grass is conveniently and easily removed from the high-capacity rear grass bag when full.

T595 Compact Track Loader from Bobcat

The new Bobcat compact track loader features increased horsepower and performance for pushing or digging, and eliminates the need to upgrade to a bigger machine.

With its improved operating capacity and lift force, the T595 can help increase job site productivity with its solid maneuverable functionality and by carrying more material.

At just 68 inches wide, the T595 moves smoothly through confined spaces, congested worksites, and easily travels between homes. Rubber tracks cause minimal ground disturbance for fewer repairs to lawns when a project is complete.

8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw from GreenWorks

This cordless saw provides up to 160 watts of power with a 14-inch cutting capacity. The 8-inch steel bar and chain feature a chain tensioning system: oil is automatically applied to the bar and chain to ensure durability, extending the life of the chain.

The 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended from 5’ to 8’ for different cutting heights. A comfortable grip handle allows the elbow to rest to help keep control while in use.

Whether you are new to landscaping, a seasoned pro or a business owner, upgrading to the hottest tools is the first step towards getting the great results you hope to see. When considering whether or not to make upgrades, think about the safety implications of using older tools as well as any potential problems that may arise and delay an important project.


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