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NJ Company Provided Vehicles Purchased on Municibid.com in “Person of Interest”

Government surplus cars purchased through online auction site, Municibid.com last year can now be seen in the new TV show Person of Interest. For over 38 years, a New Jersey based company has been supplying vehicles for movies, music videos, TV shows, and commercials. The company prides itself on its ability to find any car requested on set, and it has been extremely successful acquiring government vehicles, such as police cars and fire trucks by bidding on Municibid. Other upcoming shows and movies featuring vehicles acquired on Municibid are Spider Man 5, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hostages.

Municibid is an established, but innovative, online government auctions site specifically designed for municipalities. The company was founded in 2006 and has grown steadily since, with over 800 government agencies auctioning surplus through the efficient online system. Most municipalities use Municibid to auction surplus items because the website has an established nationwide reach growing every day, which creates a competitive bidding atmosphere and more non-tax revenue to be put back into government budgets.

Municibid Founder and CEO, Greg Berry said, “Taxpayer demand and tightened budgets require government agencies to look for new ways of increasing non-tax revenue. Municibid is an easy way to achieve this and at no cost to the agency.” Berry added, “Auction items on Municibid.com reach a broad, national audience. The company came across the site a few years back and now relies on it to purchase used police cars, fire trucks, and other interesting vehicles.”

A spokesperson for the vehicle provider said, “We have a database of hundreds of cars to be used on set. When a production company calls us and says they need a certain type of car, no matter how exotic or beat up it may need to be, we’ll find it. Municibid has been instrumental in helping us obtain requested vehicles. We can bid competitively and know exactly what we’re getting. The website is an incredible resource.”


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