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Marblehead Floats Boat Online

Town of Marblehead, MA, August 10, 2011 — The town of Marlbehead is auctioning off a 25’ Boston Whaler Frontier on, a government auctions website.

Bidding is open to the public and is open for bidding now until August 19, the boat is available for review at:

Founder & CEO, Greg Berry said, “Taxpayer demand and tightened budgets require government agencies to look for new ways of increasing non-tax revenue, municibid is an easy way to earn substantially more money for surplus at no cost to the agency.” Berry added “auction items will reach a much broader, national and global audience of competing bidders.”

In one example, two Massachusetts towns including the City of Boston used to sell vehicles instead of their usual method of selling surplus items. “Listing locally, the city of Salem would have made $100 or $200 for each of the eight vehicles listed,” said Tom Watkins, acting purchasing agent. “Instead, $5,967 was generated on for the general fund.” “It’s a good way to get better pricing, because we’re reaching a much broader audience,’’ Watkins explained, adding that bids came from as far away as Pennsylvania.

The Pottstown, Pennsylvania based is different from other government auction websites because it lists items all over the social web to target bidders of specific items. It integrates into the social media world via facebook, twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and more.

Government merchandise is now a click away from a huge online audience, resulting in more bids and more money. The selling process is fast and the service is easy to use.

To view this auction please click here.


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