December 12

Mansfield auctioning off surplus items


Taken from the Sun Chronicle Article “Need a Police Car?” By Lauren Carter

MANSFIELD – The town is clearing out some clutter and bringing in a bit of extra cash by auctioning off some surplus items.

Town Manager William Ross said the town is auctioning off 78 surplus items including former police cars, tools, plows, sanders, trucks, trailers and a late model screening plant.

“You name it, we have it,” Ross said.

The auction is taking place at, an online auction platform that allows government agencies to sell unneeded items. The auction, which closes on Dec. 22, is open to the general public.

Ross said he has been pushing since he took over as town manager to eliminate the town’s extra, unused equipment.

“It gets them out of our inventory, it gets them off our insurance list, and it gets us a little bit of resources,” Ross said.

Ross estimates that in addition to freeing up some space, the auction could generate in the range of $75,000 for the town.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” said Selectmen Chairman Jess Aptowitz.


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