May 17

I Can’t Drive 55! …or 35.


If you’re a rock n’ roll fan of a certain age, you’ve no doubt had the pleasure of tooling down the interstate at high speed while cranking Sammy Hagar’s 1984 classic hit “I Can’t Drive 55”. There is a rumor that he originally wanted to record the song in metric. Fortunately his producer talked him out of recording “I Can’t Drive 89 Kilometers An Hour”, for the obvious reason most Americans don’t know what the heck a kilometer is.

Sammy, also known as The Red Rocker, has made a pile of cash from “I Can’t Drive 55”. It’s been in commercials, sporting events, movies (Back to the Future Part II), and video games. Most don’t remember that it was even the theme song for Sesame Street in 1987, until The Muppets went on strike in protest. It is said that the song contributed to Snuffaluffagus getting a stress-induced case of hair loss.

“Go on and write me up for 125. Post my face, wanted dead or alive. Take my license, all that jive. I can’t drive 55, oh no, uh”

The point is, this was a big deal of a song. In 2009, I was living in Marin County, California, in the town of Mill Valley. This is on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I was heading to the local market to pick up groceries when I came to a 4 way stop sign on Miller Drive. There was traffic at all four corners of the intersection. After a few minutes, I pulled to the sign. When I looked over to my right, I saw a Smart Car next in line. If you don’t know what a Smart Car is, it’s basically a street legal, gas-powered golf cart with a roof, back seat, and seat belts.

Something caught my attention about the car. I suddenly realized who the driver was – The Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar – with 3 children wedged into the SMART Car with him. I stared at him with a slack-jawed grin. He caught my gaze, and got the joke immediately – he was not going 55 in that car. With a big smile beneath his mirrored wrap-around shades, he shrugged his shoulders at me then passed through the intersection. He was definitely not driving 55, or even 35.I laughed all the way to the market.

“When I drive that slow, you know it’s hard to steer. And I can’t get my car out of second gear.”

Whether you’re ready to drive 55 or 35, you can find all sorts of quality used vehicles in Municibid online auctions. You’ll find a variety of options that will suit your budget. You might find a gently used police cruiser, or a four door sedan, or maybe a pickup truck to haul supplies on your back 40… and yes, you might even find that sweet SMART Car you’re looking for.

If The Red Rocker has taught us anything, it’s that no person can drive 55 forever. Sometimes, you need a Ferrari and sometimes you need an Smart Car. Life in the fast lane or slow cruising with the kiddos, Municibid is here with used cars, trucks and all that jive.

“Go on and write me up for 125. Post my face, wanted dead or alive. Take my license, all that jive. I can’t drive 55, oh no, uh.”

Lyrics from “I Can’t Drive 55”, copyright 1984 Sammy Hagar.

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No Snuffaluffagus were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Author: Michael Burns


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