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How to Create Woodworking Projects that Sell


Last Updated on September 9, 2022

If you’re an into woodworking and an entrepreneur, you’ve likely thought about how to create woodworking projects that sell.

Working with wood is relatively easy and fun compared to other building materials. That’s why we create so much stuff from wood today and why woodworking can indeed be a profitable endeavor.

Here are a few different options to consider, answering the question of how to create woodworking projects that sell.

Woodworking Projects that Sell: Storage Solutions

Wood is so easy to cut and connect that it’s the perfect solution for designing storage spaces of different sizes, dimensions, and number of compartments. 

On the small end, wooden jewelry boxes can organize small precious items. 

Wooden shelves, either floating or standing, sell quickly, because they can be used to store so many different things. More complicated designs, such as a floating ladder shelf, will draw greater attention. And wooden dressers are similar to shelves, but with doors.

Clothing is an item that gets stored in different ways, such as in a wooden wardrobe for hung items or in a wooden dresser for folded items. And shoe racks hold footwear. 

Children’s games and toys change often throughout the years, so parents frequently update their storage bins. That means wooden bins for organizing toys and games will sell well!

Woodworking as Storage

Woodworking Projects that Sell: Games & Toys

Not only is wood great for storing toys and games, but you can create toys and games from them. Learning toys such as number blocks, letter blocks, stacking toys, abacuses, and puzzles sell well due to their educational component and relatively low costs. 

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You could also fashion games like tic tac toe, corn hole, or chess from wood.

Imagination games such as a toy kitchen, work bench, or doll hose, are also great sellers. 

Woodworking Projects that Sell: Green Ideas

Of course wood is good for a lot of green projects too. That includes wooden plant stands, wooden planter boxes, and wooden raised garden beds. 

Be creative. A vertical plant stand allows for the artistic arrangement of several plants with a lovely wooden backdrop. 

Also, wood is more natural and environmentally friendly than plastic, which is the common alternative to many of these items. 

Garden hoses can be cumbersome, so introduce a unique wooden hose holder. 

And wooden patio furniture such as Adirondack chairs bring a touch of the cottage to your house, and complement all the wood in the garden. Don’t forget wooden lanterns which allow people to enjoy their yards at night. 

Woodworking for Pets & Animals 

The pet industry is big, and people are always spending money on them. 

Consider wooden dog houses and dog beds, or wooden cat houses and cat trees. You could even create wooden bird houses and bird feeders.

Woodworking the House

A family’s front entrance is ripe for easy-to-sell woodworking projects. A wooden welcome mat, wooden coat hanger, wooden entryway bench, wooden clock, wooden message and mail station, wooden magnetic chalk board, magnetic phone charging station, and wooden picture frames are all examples. 

There are a few high-selling times in the bathroom too, including bathroom cabinets and soap holders. 

A wooden bathtub caddy sits across the tub and allows people to place their drink, book, and other items they enjoy. A wooden log holder could elevate the mood. 

Woodworking Projects that Sell: Kitchen Items

Woodworking in the Kitchen infographic

A lot of kitchen items can be made of wood and are swapped out every few years. 

Many cutting boards are made of wood and get replaced every few years, and people need multiple boards of various sizes, so you can sell a set of them. 

Wooden spoons and other utensils also get replaced repeatedly and they can be sold individually or as a set.  

Wooden spice racks, egg holders, coffee mug trees, and bread loaf keepers organize materials in the kitchen, and keep them fresh. 

A wooden stove cover is a surprisingly hot sale. When the stovetop isn’t in use, you can prepare food on it, since it acts like an additional countertop/cutting board. Then you move the food into the pots and pans, remove the stove cover, and turn on the stove. It’s so great for people who don’t have enough kitchen space. 

When the food is ready, serve it using a wooden serving tray, wooden trivets, and wooden napkin holders. 

Place the food on the wooden kitchen table and sit on wooden chairs. Or eat from tray tables and watch TV, which sits on a wooden TV stand. 

A night in 

And lastly, people enjoy serving guests at their home, so they may need a wine rack or beer caddy and wooden coasters. 

They may drink at a bar and sit on wooden stools. Or perhaps, they prefer to lounge in wooden rocking chairs and require wooden end tables or a wooden coffee table on which to place their drinks.

Woodworking Tools

Different wood projects will require different tools, but here is a list of tools used generally in woodworking:

Woodworking Tools infographic
  • Safety equipment (gloves and goggles)
  • A lot of sandpaper (of various grades) and sandpaper blocks
  • An electric sander
  • A set of lathe chisels 
  • A hand planer and/or an electric planer
  • Various saws (hand and electric) 
  • Clamps
  • Hammer
  • Mallet 
  • Drill
  • Screws and nails
  • Wood glue
  • Wood varnish
  • Paint and paint brushes 

Setting up shop

Begin your business by asking yourself three questions:

What can I create well?

What can I create efficiently?

What do people want to buy? 

Different woodworking projects take different talents. If using a hammer and nails is challenging or your crafts don’t stand up when under a little weight, don’t make furniture. Perhaps designing wood decorations is what you do well. 

An elaborate, hand-crafted wooden China cabinet, for example, is a very desirable piece, but few people are willing to pay the cost that would pay you fairly for your time. Also, much of your time will be tied up in that one project. Find a few items you can create quickly to keep costs down and profits up. 

In order to answer the third question, you will need to perform some research. Read blogs about the woodworking market, examine how competitors brand and market themselves, and search for marketing and sales opportunities. 

Then, you need to develop a business plan—which should include how you will market, sell, and finance your business. Choose a company name, establish a web presence, and attend events where you can meet potential clients.

Smaller and lower cost items sell more quickly, especially at in-person impulse purchase opportunities. People are more likely to search for and purchase larger, more costly items online. 

And, don’t forget to factor holidays into your business plan. A lot of people buy more around the holidays and they buy holiday-specific items, such as wooden Halloween lawn decorations, wooden Thanksgiving serving trays, and wooden Christmas tree ornaments.
When you’re ready to get started, take a look at what woodworking tools Municibid has to offer, then move from planning to making your business a success.


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