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How One Dairy Farm Turned into a Thriving Small Business

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

With fall upon us, festive decorations begin to take their place in yards, meanwhile, two men over at Linvilla Orchards are still celebrating the growth of their small business. What began as a dairy farm owned by the Linvill family in 1914, has grown into a thriving organization serving the local community of Delaware Valley, and even those coming in from out of town, eager to see what the 300-acre family farm has to offer.

Entrepreneur Arthur Linvill and his mother once sold milk, cream, and fruits via horseback when their property was just an eighty-foot tall barn. As technology improved and automobiles emerged, then became commonplace, business started coming to the family instead of the other way around. Since that time, business has continued to find its way to the farm, eventually in operation by Paul, Arthur’s son, Paul’s wife, and their children and grandchildren.

“The farm’s been in the family for over a hundred years,” Steve Linvill shared as he and fellow employee Billy C. sat down for an interview. “Back then it was originally a dairy farm, and we evolved into mostly fruits and vegetables.”

“We have all kinds of entertainment things going on. We have a fishing pond that we stock with fish, and people come out and fish. We have swim club on the farm for the local community, and there’s all kinds of fun farm things that happen here. Hay rides, pretty much year round. We have cut your own Christmas trees in December, and pick your own fruits and vegetables all summer long.”

Linvilla Orchards proves to be a unique spot for families and individuals alike. Their farm market boasts an array of fresh produce, baked goods, even handmade candies. If you’re not looking to eat, their garden center contains a modern nursery worth seeing, and some home décor that visitors can purchase including holiday figurines, mugs, and artificial flowers. For those more into plant keeping, you’ll find options for citrus bushes, fruit trees, and outdoor shrubs.

Since 1914, the orchard has undoubtedly grown plenty, and according to Steve, they owe this in part to Municibid.

“We’ve been bidding with Municibid about ten years,” Steve said with a smile. “It’s always been a fun thing to do. Entertaining, and somewhat addictive.”

When asked about the weirdest thing he bought on Municibid, Steve couldn’t help but laugh.

“We’re so diversified, we’ve bought some pretty strange things. Pool supplies, are kind of an odd thing to buy. Hoses and things like that. Air compressors. I think a playground was probably a strange thing to buy,” he added.

From his vantage point, Municibid had a lot to offer, and Linvilla Orchards made the most of the experience.

“I think together for the farm, we’ve won about seventy items over the years. We’re such a diversified business. We’re involved in a lot of different things. So, we have a snack bar here, [because] we have an interest in cooking things. We have educational things.”

“It is a farm, so we bought a couple of tractors, some construction equipment, a lot of different vehicles. Farm trucks. And my wife was a school teacher so we bought some school supplies also.”

“It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s a fair system,” Steve acknowledged. His coworker Bill shook his head in agreement.

Steve also admitted to always spending more than he plans, and always worrying about losing at the last minute. Thankfully, in the end, he hasn’t been disappointed, nor have his partners. At least, not too much.

“You two are not allowed on Municibid,” Billy added, imitating their coworkers. “We get that a lot.”

The good deals, the good experience, and the fantastic buys keep Steve and Billy coming back. And as Municibid enriches the duo’s business, what they’ve cultivated at Linvilla Orchards keeps their patrons coming in through the doors all year round.

Linvilla Orchards is not the only business benefiting from Municibid’s government auctions. One former police officer bid on and won a city bus, which he then turned into a Disney-themed RV. Others have used government auctions to create businesses reselling anything from laptops to school supplies.

What you choose to sell and how you cultivate your business is up to you, just know that with Municibid’s vast catalog, there’s something useful for almost everybody.

If you’re ready to dive into your own endeavor with Municibid, then start searching for your own winning bid here. And if you’re interested in hosting a family reunion, or simply taking a tour of Linvilla Orchards, you can find out more information here.

Don’t wait. Start your next adventure today!


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