April 28

6 Reasons Why Hiring Summer Help is a Bonus for Your Landscaping Business


Seasonal businesses that rely on the whims of the weather need to do whatever they can to be successful in a short period of time. As such, landscaping businesses typically have the summer and a few weeks in the spring and fall to generate most of their revenue for the year.

If your landscaping company isn’t going above and beyond to get as much business as possible in this limited time, you’re missing out. To take your organization to the next level of success, you’ve got to expand your operation and do everything possible to grow your customer base. To do this, you’ll need to aggressively hire more workers this summer.

Here are 6 reasons why hiring extra summer help can boost your landscaping business for the rest of the year.

1. Keep Up With Increased Demand

On average, a property owner needs to cut their grass during the spring and summer months about once per week. As such, there is an increased demand for lawn care and landscaping services during this time.

Landscaping businesses can take advantage of having a team of temporary seasonal workers to lend a hand during these busy weeks. You’ll need additional employees to cover all your clients’ mowing and groundskeeping demands, such as planting flowers, trimming trees, and keeping a healthy garden.

2. Do More Than the Competition

With a dedicated staff of many, you can do more than your competition. In the summer months, the number of small landscaping businesses and entrepreneurs increases due to the variety of opportunities for work. It’s essential to differentiate yourself and have your team stand above the competitors.

If you have a larger staff of employees, future customers may take your company more seriously when they begin evaluating potential landscaping contractors to do business with. Customers will see your business as a leader in the industry with more expertise and the most capabilities for their home exterior projects.   

Having more people on your team can also help your company get to a location right away, exactly when services are needed, instead of a few days later. This way, you’re able to come back for additional services or give a quote for a large-scale project. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to turn away customers due to staffing issues or not enough coverage.

3. Satisfy Your Regular, Year-Round Customers

Businesses that focus on landscaping must consider their regular customers that are on a year-round maintenance schedule. With an expanded temporary staff on your payroll, you can keep these important customers satisfied without sacrificing new business opportunities.

Additionally, having more staff members allows you to set the schedule far in advance and send the same, consistent teams so there are no hiccups in service. All this helps you stay on track without missing opportunities to put together quotes for new clients.

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Your regular customers will appreciate the increased capabilities you can offer them with more talent on your team. Some companies don’t realize the value of their existing customers, so it’s essential to treat these important clients right and meet their needs. Losing regular customers could have a detrimental impact on your ability to be profitable.

4. Expand the Types of Services You Offer

A larger staff of summer employees can help you offer new landscaping services and provide more opportunities for you to compete for bigger projects, such as corporate landscaping accounts. While residential projects are most often the “bread and butter” of many smaller landscaping businesses, winning corporate clients will help you bring in more revenue and firmly establish you as a trusted source in your community.  

If you’ve been hoping to expand your service menu and offer more options to your clients, having a larger team can help you get started. Your seasonal staff can specialize in additional services such as deck and patio care, mulching, storm clean-up, retaining walls, lawn seeding, sodding, irrigation, and draining.

5. Spend More Time on Business Growth

With any company that has a limited number of employees, the business owner is often deep in the trenches working just as hard on providing services as other workers. You can take advantage of your larger staff over the summer by spending more time actually running your business.

Instead of working in the field, put more effort into things like marketing and promotions to help grow your company or work on more effective ways of managing your business accounting. Moreover, you might be doing yourself more of a favor if you stay behind the scenes and address customer relations issues, such as complaints or payment problems, to keep your client base happy and your income flowing.

6. Make Enough Money for the Entire Calendar Year

The biggest reason you should consider bringing on more people for the summer is to help increase your profit potential. Hiring seasonal employees can help improve your bottom line with a much lower cost to you over time than employing other permanent workers. Seasonal workers are often young people who demand lower starting wages as they take time off from school or are working their way up the career ladder.

You can also generate enough cash flow and profit to help float your business for the rest of the year, especially during the fall and winter months. There are many business models that rely on a limited amount of time to earn most of their profit. It’s vital to make the most you can of the busy season so you’re able to generate enough cash to maintain a healthy and successful business.

Some employees may prove to be so valuable that you‘ll want to hire them on a permanent basis. Their summer work may end up being an audition of sorts for a larger role within your organization. Bringing in seasonal workers could allow you to improve your ability to find the best people to work for you.

Running a successful seasonal business takes some planning and strategic decisions that will help you make the most of your short busy season. For landscaping companies, it’s essential to hire extra summer staff to make your dreams of success a reality.


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