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Helpful Items Sold at Louisiana Government Auctions

Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Planes, trucks, and drones! Oh my! There’s all that and more to find at Louisiana government auctions. With such an array of items, whether you’re trying to build your business, or just make life a bit more fun and interesting, there’s something in the Louisiana auction lineup for everybody. But if you’re skeptical, then why don ‘t you have a look? Here’s a list of helpful items sold at Louisiana government auctions!

Who can buy at Louisiana government auctions?

Residents of Louisiana, there’s good news for you! State government surplus is up for sale in your area and you may not even know it. Even people who reside in neighboring states like Texas and Mississippi can participate in these government auctions.

When government bodies retire vehicles, either due to maintenance concerns or upgrades, those items often become available to the public through auctions.

The only caveat is that most government auctions require bidders to provide their own transportation. If you don’t live relatively close to the particular item you’re bidding on, then participating could mean unexpected hassle and inconvenience.

Where to find Louisiana government auctions?

If you’re searching for Louisiana surplus, one place to start is with Louisiana’s Property Assistance Agency. They provide information on preferred buyers, auction schedules, and bidding amounts. There’s even a helpful online listing of current items up for auction.

Another place to locate Louisiana’s surplus is by visiting the Municibid catalog. There you will find options to filter items by type and by state. Better yet, if you’re in the marketplace for a used vehicle, then consider consulting our free vehicle surplus guide for tips on how to make the most of the experience!

Helpful Items Sold at Louisiana Government Auctions

1972 Cessna 210L Centurion Airplane image

1972 Cessna 210L Centurion Airplane

Sold Price: $63,201

The city of Baton Rouge auctioned off this 1972 Cessna 210L Centurion Airplane. With enough room to seat six passengers, a single-engine piston, and a total of 2,346 hours of engine time, this plane is going to see even more flight. While an item like this is useful for flying the skies leisurely, it is also a perfect example of auction items that bidders have to pick up, as opposed to expecting any sort of delivery. No one’s going to fly a plane and park it in your backyard!

Drone and Camera image

Drone and Camera

Sold Price: $2,500

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Not all government auction items consist of planes and heavy equipment. You can all find smaller, but similarly valuable things like this drone and camera. The Zachary Police Department included lights, propellers, a harness, and more with their sale.

2018 F-150 Supercrew image

2018 F-150 Supercrew

Sold Price: $27,600

Aside from a squeaky driver’s side door, there have been no other issues reported with this 2018 F-150 Supercrew. There are only about 28,000 logged miles on the vehicle which means more time on the road for the winning bidder without concern for mechanical mishaps. 

Purchasing this truck through an auction instead of through a used car dealership already means saving money. That coupled with the low mileage makes it an absolute steal!

2007 Kubota Excavator KX71-3R1 image

2007 Kubota Excavator KX71-3R1

Sold Price: $15,650

Another piece of heavy equipment making the list is a 2007 Kubota Excavator KX71-3R1. Coming out of the town of Gramercy, this recently serviced excavator has no known issues and has a combined total of 1,775 working hours. Small business owners especially benefit when they find items like this because they can use them to build up their fleet, providing more service with more pieces of equipment, and ultimately earning more money for their business.

1993 GMC Topkick Tanker Truck image

1993 GMC Topkick Tanker Truck

Sold Price: $5,100

Fire trucks are a common sight at government auctions, which explains how this 1993 GMC Topkick Tanker Truck was sold. Included with the truck was a mounted 2000 gallon tank, a 300 gpm pump, and a single hose reel. Internally, you would find ​​a 6.6-liter Cat engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission.

As this seller reminds bidders, inspecting an item before bidding is always recommended. Sometimes sellers purposefully or accidentally leave out pertinent information. In order to make a wise investment, you need to know as much information as possible. An in-person inspection is the only way to accomplish that.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro image

2012 Chevrolet Camaro

Sold Price: $2,726

Police departments divest themselves of older equipment periodically and many of these machines wind up being sold to the public. However, police departments also sell items that are lost and found or repossessed. That’s why another item auctioned off by the city of Zachary was a 2012 Chevrolet Camero. In the case of cars, sometimes the vehicles come without a title, but with this Camaro, there was both a title and keys. The vehicle does not run currently, but with some maintenance work, something inoperable can start working again. From there, the winning bidder has a choice of reselling or turning his car into a commuter.

2014 Freightliner Street Sweeper

Sold Price: $102,110

There are trucks even bigger than the Ford F-150 sold at Louisiana government auctions, trucks like the 2014 Freightliner Street Sweeper. With a conventional cab and a 6.7-liter L6 diesel engine, this truck would make a valuable addition to any landscaping company’s fleet. Attachments for roadside cleaning are included, along with storage space for other pertinent items.

2004 Honda 4-Wheeler image

2004 Honda 4-Wheeler

Sold Price: $1,900

If you’re looking for something to spruce up your recreations, not just stuff for work, then government auctions are still your go-to place. The winning bidder of this 2004 Honda 4-Wheeler is going to enjoy some fast-paced action riding this 4-wheeler.

2008 International Sewer Cleaning Truck

Sold Price: $69,100

At this point, you won’t be surprised to see police cruisers or fire trucks on auction, but what about sewer trucks? This 2008 International Sewer Cleaning Truck has a 9.3-liter L6 diesel engine and ​​47,640 miles to its name. The sewer truck doesn’t offer much as a commuter, but boasts plenty of benefits as a work truck. Even for small business owners who do not operate a fleet, utilizing even one work truck helps with optimizing space, transporting personeel, and maximizing work productivity. Plus, driving around in a work vehicle adds a professional look to your company brand.

2017 Ford Explorer image

2017 Ford Explorer

Sold Price: $10,600

With a title, 66,533 logged miles, 3.5-liter V6 engine, and a 6-speed automatic transmission, somebody took home a fairly recent and worthwhile car. This 2017 Ford Explorer was previously used as a building inspector’s vehicle. For that reason, it has less wear and tear than a typical work vehicle. Now, it can take on new life driving somebody else around for either work or personal reasons.


You’re a Louisiana resident and you’re ready to bid. We can help! Head on over to Municibid’s catalog and find a helpful item to enhance your job or  life at home today.


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