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Handy Things Sold at Michigan Government Auctions

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

The cold and beautiful state of Michigan is home to among other things, government surplus. Municipalities on the state and local levels employ all sorts of equipment and vehicles to support the public through sanitation, emergency services, landscaping, and more.

Whether through expiration or upgrades, those vehicles and equipment eventually get replaced. As municipalities divest themselves, they sell these items to the public through government auctions. If you’re in Michigan then government auctions are something you should know about. They’re a helpful avenue for finding useful and affordable things to use at home or on the job.

Now that your interest has been piqued, here are some handy things sold at Michigan government auctions.

Where to find Michigan government auctions?

If you want to know how to partake in Michigan state auctions, then you first need to know where to look. One place to start is the state’s surplus services webpage. They provide helpful links guiding users to make accounts, set appointments, and browse auction items.

Another option for locating Michigan surplus is the catalog found on Municibid’s website. There you will find items you can search for by state and also by type. You can even view items that are no longer up for auction to see what you missed, but could maybe expect later.

Who can buy at Michigan government auctions?

The core customer base for Michigan government auctions, as with any state auction, is residents of the state. This is because generally, the open requirements for auctions are being a legal adult and providing your own transportation for the desired item. The latter is easiest for residents. However, while Michiganders are the primary bidders, auctions are typically open to the public – the entire public.

Handy Things Sold at Michigan Government Auctions

1969 GMC image

1969 GMC

Sold Price: $15,800

One 1969 GMC was sold by the city of Burton. The fire truck came with customer wheels, new tires, a hose, and plenty more. The vehicle has only had one owner and is likely being retired due to age, with five decades of service to its name.

When civilians procure items with government signage, decals must be removed in order to legally operate the vehicle on the road. People who commute often don’t replace the signage with anything, but others redo the decals altogether, turning emergency vehicles into tailgating masterpieces.

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2014 Kubota B3350 Diesel Tractor image

2014 Kubota B3350 Diesel Tractor

Sold Price: $20,200

Elmwood Township sold a modern and well-mainted 2014 Kubota B3350 Diesel Tractor. Used compact tractors make great additions to landscaping companies. They’re affordable and the more modern they are, the more versatility they bring to the job through technological capability. This tractor in particular has an enclosed cab, provides heat and air, and can be fitted with different attachments.

2008 F350 McCoy Miller Type I Class 1 Ambulance image

2008 F350 McCoy Miller Type I Class 1 Ambulance

Sold Price: $10,000

Another fire vehicle makes the list, this one a type of ambulance. Morton Township Fire Rescue auctioned off one 2008 F350 McCoy Miller Ambulance. Ambulances make excellent work vehicles because these trucks are built to take a beating. They’re made to withstand adverse conditions while traveling from point A to point B during emergency situations. Moreover, they contain a lot of room internally for carrying storage or personnel and can be outfitted to match your specific needs.

2005 5600 Toolcat image

2005 5600 Toolcat

Sold Price: $9,312

Heavy equipment like a 2005 5600 Toolcat makes transportation easier on the job, whether you’re moving bags, tools, or people. The truck is missing a main hydraulic pump, but otherwise is ready to be used and can be equipped with various Bobcat brand attachments. Though this seller provides information on the truck, inspecting your bid in-person is always recommended. That way you can ask questions, get immediate responses, and can take note of problems cited by the seller along with those that haven’t been disclosed or noticed.

1994 Ford Vactor L8000 Diesel Vactor 2100 Series image

1994 Ford Vactor L8000 Diesel Vactor 2100 Series

Sold Price: $36,500

With a conventional cab and a total of 17,024.5 logged hours, this 1994 Ford Vactor L8000 is a behemoth with plenty to offer. Included with the truck are a 8 yard debris tank and 1,000 gallon water tank. It’s received maintenance over the years, thereby keeping it in good condition, and therefore useful today for somebody’s worksite. 

2011 Ford F150 image

2011 Ford F150

Sold Price: $9,100

Vehicles like the 2011 Ford F-150 make great work trucks because aside from the storage space they contain for equipment and people, they can tow plenty of weight – trailers, heavy equipment, and more. If you’re a small business owner, acquiring multiple of these vehicles gives your fleet a uniform look and enhances productivity. With more than one truck, you can carry more and ultimately get more done.

2015 Dodge Charger image

2015 Dodge Charger

Sold Price: $8,809

The Dodge Charger has been one of America’s top choices for police cars. No wonder someone bid on this 2015 Dodge Charger with a 5.7-liter V8 engine, plus an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The unmarked aesthetic means decals won’t need to be removed. On the road other drivers may suspect you are an undercover officer and slow down as a result.

2009 Harley-Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide Police

Sold Price: $7,000

Not every police car is in fact a car, hence why the Riverview Police Department auctioned off a 2009 Harley-Davidson FLHTP. Rather than serving the police, this motorcycle can now take on new life as someone’s recreational vehicle. Even better, the emergency lights and decals have already been removed, something most sellers don’t accommodate.

1995 E-1 Class A Pumper Fire Truck image

1995 E-1 Class A Pumper Fire Truck

Sold Price: $7,500

One more fire truck on the list comes from the Prairieville Township Fire Department. The department sold this 1995 Ford Pumper Fire Truck. A water tank and hose are included with the bid, plus a few ladders. Once civilians acquire fire trucks, they have the choice of using them for work vehicles or vehicles for tailgating. Some movie sets also acquire fire trucks and police cars to use for various productions. The decals are still altered in this case, but won’t need to be removed entirely.

1996 Bandit Wood Chipper Model 90XP

1996 Bandit Wood Chipper Model 90XP

Sold Price: $7,600

Equipment like a 1996 Bandit Wood Chipper don’t usually come to mind when considering government surplus, but municipalities make use of all sorts of materials. Wood chippers get used plenty during construction projects as trees are removed. Spare parts like bolts and knives were included with this bid.


There’s plenty to admire about Michigan government auctions, but why only admire when you can start bidding? Head on over to Municibid’s catalog today and see which truck, tractor, or something else entirely, fits your fancy! And if you’re in the marketplace for a used vehicle, then consider consulting our free vehicle surplus guide for tips on how to make the experience super easy!


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