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Great Items Sold at New York Government Auctions

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

The New York government runs various institutions tasked with serving the public. Institutions like public schools, fire departments, and police departments. Whatever equipment the government employs, eventually, everything gets replaced. Every library computer, every fire truck, and police cruiser.

But where do these items go after being replaced? Enter state auctions. 

State auctions occur online and in-person, but always with the same purpose.  New York municipalities like other states, rely on state auctions to divest of their no longer needed equipment. Residents of New York will find that these auctions offer a chance to procure items, items that most people don’t even know they can buy: repossessed cars, ambulances, lost and found things, and the like.

If your interest has been piqued, then you’re going to want to know where to find these New York government auctions.

Where to find New York Government Auctions

Whether attending online or in-person, the one sure place to start your search is on the state government’s website. New York lists their currently available surplus, auction dates, and even auction type – helpful if you’re only looking for something specific!

Of course there is a registration and bidding process, both of which you can find out more about by visiting their site. And if you have any questions, give them a call.

Similar information is available on the state’s separate website for police commodities. And if you’re interested, you can find New York surplus listed on Municibid as well.

Who can buy at New York Government Auctions

New York government auctions are catered towards those who live in the area. This is because any given state is more likely to find buyers in the areas where they sell. This also solves a transportation issue. While these public auctions are great for finding affordable and useful items, more often than not, bidders are required to secure and transport items after placing the winning bid. 

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Not doing so, even if possible, will definitely cost extra!

If you’re in a neighboring state and don’t mind the travel and can transport any equipment you win, then these auctions are for you too. Being left to transport your wins may sound inconvenient, but you benefit from the reduced rate of buying something at an auction that anywhere else would cost substantially more.

Now, let’s look at some great items sold at New York government auctions.

Great Items Sold at New York Government Auctions

2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

New York Government Auctions - 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Sold Price: $5,655

For those unfamiliar with auctions, the common expectation is to find items that are very old and worn-out, think a decade or later, but this is simply not the case. Not always. Some items are sold young and in particularly good condition, like this 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, which was put up for auction by the Village of Cobleskill. 

Now, the car is not in perfect condition – there’s a broken AC and the check engine light is on, but the transmission is new. Sometimes you lose some, but you can win plenty too!

2017 International Conventional Bus

New York Government Auctions - 2007 International Conventional Bus

Sold Price: $31,250

Another pretty unused item with surprisingly low mileage is this 2017 International Conventional Bus. The bus, sold by DCMO BOCES, came with a diesel engine, 250 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, 75,523 miles, a 29,800 GVWR, and 66 passenger seats. 

Government items typically get replaced after reaching a certain age, or mileage, though sometimes if new equipment comes in, then the old stuff goes out sooner than anticipated. Now, this underutilized bus will come in handy for the winning bidder!

2010 Ford F-450 Ambulance

New York Government Auctions - 2010 Ford F-450 Ambulance

Sold Price: $19,900

One 2010 Ford F-450 Ambulance was sold at a New York government auction with a 6.0 liter diesel engine, an automatic transmission, and 21,403 miles to its name. The sale came courtesy of the Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff. Now, you may be thinking that there is no purpose in driving an ambulance if you don’t work for the government. However, buyers before you have been known to convert ambulances into recreational vehicles.

Now, driving an ambulance legally on the road will require that all decals denoting the vehicle’s previous purpose be removed. That applies to the sirens and such too. Though, if you’re a movie producer, then less modifications will be required and voila – you have an ambulance for your next film. And as the seller notes, this vehicle comes with “All the sirens & lights you could ask for!”

Used 1 3/4″ Various Colored Fire Hoses

New York Government Auctions - Used 1 3/4" Various Colored Fire Hoses

Sold Price: $360

These next items on the list, fire hoses of different colors and sizes, went on sale after the Neversink Fire District moved to replace their old ones. You may wonder how hoses can be useful for anything besides firefighting, but the utility you can get out of auction items is only limited by your imagination. Fire hoses can be useful if you work with a small business that incorporates water, like pool building or some sort of irrigation. You could even fashion the hoses into dogs toys, or if you have the skill set, produce and resell wallets!

Coca-Cola Vending Machine

New York Government Auctions - Coca-Cola Vending Machine

Sold Price: $300

Another obscure item to make the listing, also from DCMO BOCES, is a Coca-Cola Vending Machine. At a glance, such an item sounds instinctively like a great addition to have in the lobby area of a business. According to the sellar, everything seems to be in working order too!

2001 International/Saulsbury 4×4 Hose Wagon

New York Government Auctions - 2001 International/Saulsbury 4x4 Hose Wagon

Sold Price: $29,000

Here’s one more item coming from a fire department, this one the Fair Harbor Fire District. They sold a 2001 International/Saulsbury 4×4 Hose Wagon, and with only 5736 miles and 533 hours, despite the model year. The truck did not come with a water tank, but did include a hose and reel. The seller also specifies that the truck cruises comfortably at 55 mph.

2002 Chevy Silverado K3500 W/Plow

New York Government Auctions - 2002 Chevy Silverado K3500

Sold Price: $3,700

This 2002 Chevy Silverado K3500 comes with a plow, unsurprising for New York, a state that sees plenty of snow during the winter season. If you manage a business that specializes in snow removal or removal of any earthly elements, a purchase like this would be ideal. The truck is functional, comes with 35,418 miles, aV8 6.0 engine size, working 4WD, automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, power locks, and Hydraulic Brakes. 

Note that as the seller says, “there could be additional problems not mentioned and components missing that are required to make it function properly.” This is why inspecting is always a good option when possible. Even if you are bidding online, visit in person when possible to verify the quality of your desired item.

2013 Terex TW110 Excavator On Wheels

New York Government Auctions - 2013 Terex TW110

Sold Price: $29,255

One 2013 Terex TW110 was sold out of the Town of Westport. The vehicle came featuring a few things: a wedge-lock coupler, an A/C heated cab, a hydro dozer blade, two outriggers, and other related and standard equipment. Though the vehicle was not in perfect condition, with a few missing or damaged parts, like the AC and drive train. The excavator could not be driven on its own, meaning the winning bidder had to make arrangements to have the heavy equipment transported. This is something to keep in mind when bidding. Most often, even if the vehicle does not drive, you will have to make arrangements for picking up your win.

Zero Turn Mower

New York Government Auctions - Zero Turn Mower

Sold Price: $2,612

The Village of Cobleskill put a zero turn mower up for sale, a Gravely Pro Turn 60 with a Kawasaki 24 hp motor. The mower’s tires were new back in 2020. Since then and before when it was manufactured in 2014, the mower has accrued a total of 578.6 hours. This equipment will work well as an addition to a landscaping company’s arsenal of tools. Another option is for a private resident to just use this on their own property.

If you’re skilled in mechanics, then buying from auctions gives you two benefits – a cheaper buy and an item to tinker with once it starts to break down. If you can repair on your own, that’s even more money saved.

1995 Wood Chuck Chipper WC-17

New York Government Auctions - 1995 Wood Chuck Chipper

Sold Price: $8,200

By now you may think you have a pretty good idea of what to expect at a New York government auction, but then again, would you have predicted this 1995 Wood Chuck Chipper? This commodity came out of the Village of Lynbrook, made obsolete by a larger and newer capacity chipper. The device is operational, and runs just fine with diesel fuel and a 180 hp 4-cylinder Perkins.


If you live in New York, don’t miss out on some of the cool items going on sale in your area. Most people aren’t aware that they can buy a public transportation bus, but you are, and now, you know how to buy so much more. With our helpful guides you’re bound to find something that you like!

Have a look and be the next winning bid success story!


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