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Great Items Sold at Massachusetts Government Auctions

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

Massachusetts municipalities make use of a wide range of items as they govern citizens. Fire engines, generators, garbage trucks, and snow plows, make up only some of the arsenal. Whenever government bodies need to upgrade their machines and equipment, or replace something that’s been damaged, that’s when they have to divest their surplus

Where do these extra items go? Government auctions.

Where to find Massachusetts government auctions

Just about anything used by a municipality and rotated at certain intervals is likely to find its way to an auction. Those interested in finding out more about Massachusetts government auctions can read additional information on their website. You also have the option of viewing Massachusetts government auctions on Municibid.

Who can buy Massachusetts government surplus

Massachusetts government auctions do one of two things with their surplus. One option is to offer their surplus to other municipalities within the state and beyond. The second option is to sell their surplus to civilian residents. Either way, someone gets further use out of a vehicle or machine once a particular government body has no further need.

This is ideal for homeowners looking to purchase equipment for less than retail value, but still in working condition. This is also helpful for people managing small businesses who want affordable equipment to help their operations run smoother.

And if you’re curious to know what’s been sold already, then take a look at this list of great items sold at Massachusetts government auctions.

Great Items Sold at Massachusetts Government Auctions

MA Government Auction - Humvee

Humvee M998

Sold Price: $20,100

One government vehicle to be auctioned in Massachusetts was the Humvee M998, an all-wheel drive cargo carrier. Not exactly a police cruiser, this military behemoth makes the list for being one of various types of public defense vehicles used by the government. Similar to police cars, military vehicles are also rotated after sustaining enough wear and tear, or fleets being upgraded to the latest model.

These types of vehicles are traditionally used to transport supplies and personnel. The winning bidder will get to do something akin to that, while also having access to the already installed radio and other related equipment.

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MA Government Auction - 2005 C-Hawk

2005 C-Hawk

Sold Price: $26,600

Cars and trucks are not the only vehicles to get employed in a police department’s arsenal. Also included are boats like this 2005 C-Hawk, which departments used to investigate crime and pursue suspects over bodies of water. There’s enough space inside the boat and its cabin to convert this craft into something useful for fishing or simply boating.

As evidenced by the purchase details, one benefit of purchasing from police departments is that the vehicle is maintained properly. In this case, the Honda boat was looked after by a certified Honda dealer.

MA Government Auction - Police Volkswagen Bettle

1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Sold Price: $8,100

This 1967 Volkswagen Beetle gives you a taste of both law enforcement and history. Akin to something on the set of an early 20th Century movie, this small police car reveals what departments have upgraded from over the years. The small size and archaic design is comical in comparison to a modern-day cruiser. But nonetheless, such a purchase is perfect for collectors.

1997 Ford Superduty Utility Truck

1997 Ford Superduty

Sold Price: $36,100

Another vehicle to make the Massachusetts list is a 1997 Ford Superduty. This utility truck is great for anyone managing a small business, like an electrical company, who requires a boom to reach tall places. Even better, the truck received recent inspections before being sold, ensuring more quality than not!

2008 Prinoth SW4S

2008 Prinoth SW4S

Sold Price: $18,100

Northern states like Massachusetts are no strangers to snowy weather. Unsurprisingly, municipalities keep snow plows and other snow equipment in stock. Eventually though, machines like the 2008 Prinoth SW4S get replaced with the later models. What once kept sidewalks free of snow in the city could be used more locally in someone’s driveway, or if they’re ambitious enough, the entire neighborhood.

2014 Police Harley Davidson

2014 Harley Davidson

Sold Price: $8,100

Some daredevils like to drive a little dangerously and in style. That’s why a 2014 Harley Davidson has sold since being listed. The motorcycle, fashioned with police décor, will make somebody happy, and rush with adrenaline. Of course, before taking this ride to the road, any decals relating to being a first-responder must be removed.

1999 Rivercraft Fanboat with Monterey Fire Rescue signage

1999 Rivercraft Fanboat

Sold Price: $6,500

Another boat sold at a government auction was the 1999 Rivercraft Fanboat, which even came with a trailer. Also included were four seats, headlights, warning lights, and nautical lights. The engine is non-operational, though some tinkering will fix that. And as with the previous item, words or numbers relating to “Fire Rescue” are legally required to be removed before the boat can be operated in any public space.

1997 Parker Boat with police signage

1997 Parker Boat

Sold Price: $4,501

A foot longer than the fanboat and formerly owned by police, this 1997 Parker Boat comes with a trailer and an operational engine. The craft comes with a few hitches like the battery and the oil needing replacement, but otherwise runs just fine. One benefit to buying an item like this from a police department is that the paperwork is more likely to be well-maintained, as opposed to buying a repossessed vehicle.


Residents of the state aren’t going to want to miss out on winning items like these. Everything on this list has been sold, but there are bound to be other boats, motorcycles, and plows that make their way to auction. In fact, there are currently some listings right now! 

Items sold at auctions are not always guaranteed perfect quality, but you can certainly find some in good condition and affordably priced. Take your time, make your pick, and find some awesome Massachusetts government surplus today.


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