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Great Items Sold at Government Auctions in Minnesota

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Once you find out, how can you not be curious about the great items being sold at government auctions in Minnesota? From skid steer loaders used on construction sites to fire trucks answering emergency calls, every vehicle the government employs will one day be replaced by something newer, and more advanced. This leads to government surplus, and surplus means the government has to find a way to divest of their older, unwanted goods. The solution – government auctions.

From the most northern state to the most southern, every state government incurs surplus eventually. State auctions are a way for them to make money while offering up equipment, vehicles, and more, for public use. The government may no longer need an item, but that doesn’t include private citizens and small business owners who use these ventures as a way to purchase affordable and useful things to repurpose.

State auctions don’t just include government service vehicles either, but also repossessed cars and lost items like watches. Below you will find great items sold at government auctions in Minnesota, some of which may come as a surprise!

Who Can Buy at Minnesota Government Auctions

There are two types of customers you can expect to find at government auctions in Minnesota: ordinary citizens and small businesses.

Those in the first group often view auctions as an affordable way to buy items to use around the home like lawn mowers, lights, and computers. These auctions are also a chance to get a new vehicle to ride around town in, which could even be a newly converted school bus

On the other hand, business owners aim mostly to buy former government vehicles to employ in their fleets. Taxi companies seek out government auctions as a means of acquiring cars that are the same build. This helps with uniformity visually and in technical repairs. Other businesses like construction companies purchase vehicles at a cheaper rate than they would from a conventional seller. This way they save money while still buying vehicles to help them make money.

Where to Find Government Auctions in Minnesota

Once you’re ready, there are three places to find government auctions in Minnesota. The first is to search for auction listings on Minnesota’s municipal website. There they list information on live auctions, current sealed bid auctions, and online auctions. There is also an official Minnesota auction website where the government posts about their surplus in more specific detail.

Another way to find government surplus listings for Minnesota is to search directly on Municibid’s website. In addition to searching for items based on type, such as landscaping or police cars, items can be filtered by state too.

Government Surplus in Minnesota Currently at Auction

Great Items Sold on Municibid in Minnesota

Here are several great items sold on Municibid in Minnesota.

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2004 Nautica RIB 24 Catamaran

One sure benefit to buying government-owned vehicles is the likelihood that they were well-maintained. Emergency vehicles especially, are kept in working order to maximize utility and avoid any liability issues while serving the public. That was the case with this 2004 Nautica catamaran, previously owned by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department and as they noted, was regularly serviced. The inflatable boat came with two 115 hp Mercury two-stroke engines and a hydraulic bow loading ramp. The boat starts and runs well, making it a great asset to someone looking to get out on the water for some fishing.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2004 Nautica Catamaran

1988 Forester 17ft Phantom Boat and 1988 Trailer

Another boat to make the Minnesota auction list is the 1988 Forester phantom boat, which came with a trailer to match. These two assets were also sold out of Hennepin County, though in this case, the boat was seized property.

The operating conditions of the boat were sold as unknown, which sometimes occurs when buying through auctions. Pictures give some indication to the condition of an item, but are only part of the story. The best way to avoid complications before bidding is to inspect the item in-person to ensure working order. Though if you’re a tinkerer, a non-operating vehicle could potentially make for an interesting project.

On the plus side, this 17-foot boat came with registration for both the vehicle and the trailer.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 1988 Forester Phantom Boat

2013 American Air Ranger Airboat and Coastline Trailer

Not every item sold at auctions will be considered old, some are fairly recent like this 2013 American Air Ranger Airboat. The boat came with a trailer and a title to transfer over to the owner. Sometimes buying items through an auction means buying items without a title. That can be a gamble as you run the risk of getting a vehicle and not being able to verify the history beyond what the seller shares. Though, there are ways to verify product authenticity without a title. With a title, however, the owner can feel that much more secure in their purchase.

The boat is fully operational with a 500 HP GM 6.2L engine and a logged 111 engine hours of usage.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2013 American Air Ranger Airboat

2016 Proline 2600cc Boat And 2016 Load Rite Boat Trailer

More recent than the last item, this 2016 Proline boat is not even a decade old. There are 2560 hours logged on the vehicle, but it runs fully. The boat has a 156 gallon fuel tank and Mercury Verado 300 HP engine. Though the boat is large and ostensibly in pristine condition, there are a few knicks and related issues. The boat has some holes and cracks in certain spots. Nonetheless, sometimes fixing up used vehicles or equipment is still cheaper than buying new. And buying used at an auction is cheaper than buying used elsewhere.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2016 Proline 2600cc Boat

2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

Before driving a former police car on the road, decals and markings related to the car’s previous use must legally be removed. That applies to vehicles on land and on the water. In the case of this 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, the once marked vehicle has since become unmarked, meaning less work for the new owner. The vehicle’s police history is more apparent in the missing console, which likely once held a police monitor. This vehicle came out of Hennepin County and is equipped with a 3.7L V6 engine. The modern truck has a backup camera, blind spot monitoring, and other features.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

2008 CAT D5K LGP Dozer

Much like the boats and police cruisers that get replaced, construction equipment receive the same treatment. This 2007 Caterpillar D5K LGP Dozer has been used for a logged 879 hours, but still runs efficiently. Commodities like the dozer are helpful for small businesses who are looking to employ more equipment in their fleet. More equipment means tackling more projects so they can grow their business.

Minnesota Government Auctions -2008 Caterpillar D5K LGP Dozer

2013 Ford E-450 Ambulance

Similar to the last item on the list, vehicles like this 2013 Ford E-450 Ambulance get purchased and used by small businesses.This ambulance could easily be converted into someone’s food truck, or could act as a recreational vehicle for a small family trip.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2013 Ford E-450 Ambulance

2016 RT80T4 Heavy Duty Trencher, A820 Backhoe and H810 Trencher

Some municipal auction items are sold together, making an even potentially sweeter deal for the one with the successful bid. This 2016 RT80T4 came outfitted with attachments, ideal for a small business owner. The more modern a piece of equipment, the more likely it will be unused or like new, and the less immediate technical problems you can expect. However, the more modern the equipment, the more likely the solution will require software knowledge if that’s a concern.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2016 RT80T4 Heavy Duty Trencher

2004 Harley Davidson Road King

Whoever won this 2004 Harley Davidson Road King is in for some chills and thrills. The bike was just serviced and is in good condition. Even better, the vehicle has clocked 7,045 miles and has mostly been used in parade or public event settings. Don’t expect a helmet to come with this buy, but do expect an overall smooth ride.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2004 Harley Davidson Road King

2004 Toro Groundsmaster 4700d 4WD Rotary Mower

Whether you have a big yard to tend or a business to run, a 2004 Toro Groundsmaster 4700D can help you get the job done, especially with all the mowers attached. The buy may look something like a UFO, but it is indeed a groundsmaster, with 6437 hours logged and ready for more.

Minnesota Government Auctions -2004 Toro Groundsmaster

2015 CAT CB64 Double Steel Drum Roller

The roller on this 2015 Caterpillar CB64 has not been used much since October of 2018, adding to the fact that it is in very good condition. Other features included were power steering, an ambient and surface temp sensor, a lockable vandalism guard, and so much more. Most auction ideas are not delivered to the winning bidder, as is the case here, and thus the winning person will have to make arrangements for pickup. We recommend making those arrangements before winning the bid.

Minnesota Government Auctions - 2015 Caterpillar CB64


If you’re a resident of Minnesota looking to snag yourself some interesting and worthwhile items, then take a look at what Municibid is offering in your state.


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