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Fascinating Items Sold in Ohio Government Auctions

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

Fire engines, cars, mowers, the state of Ohio uses all of that and more to serve the populace throughout the year. Eventually, those same vehicles and equipment will need to be retired, either due to wear and tear or upgrades to newer models. When that time comes, the state sells these items to the public through government auctions where they can then take on a second life. Some people convert ambulances into tailgating works of art. Others turn buses into recreational vehicles. When vehicles and equipment get repurposed, utility is limited only by the buyer’s imagination.

Where to find Ohio government auctions?

If you’re hoping to partake in Ohio government auctions, you can find more information on the state’s official website. There they list specific items on sale, the bidding amount, location information, and more. Another way to find government surplus for Ohio is through Municibid where you can filter your search not just by state, but also by the type of item, most recent, most popular, and view things previously sold.

Who can buy at Ohio government auctions?

The primary buyers at these auctions will naturally be Ohio residents. The reason being, government surplus auctions most often require bidders to provide their own transportation for the bought item. Whenever a purchased item is delivered, there’s an additional cost. Needless to say, there’s less hassle in you live nearby. However, if you reside in a surrounding area, there is no extra paperwork and you can still get in on some great deals!

Before you do, if you’re hoping to procure a car or truck of some sort, be sure to consult our free government surplus vehicle guide. There we explain the different types of auctions and offer some buyer’s tips.

Fascinating Items Sold in Ohio Government Auctions

2007 Braun on Chevy C-4500 Chassis image

2007 Braun on Chevy C-4500 Chassis

Sold Price: $28,400

Ambulances are not just vehicles to see on the street, they are also available for you to drive once put up for auction. The city of North Canton sold this particular 2007 Braun mounted on a Chevy C-4500 chassis, which is fully operational and has logged about 120,000 miles. Buying a vehicle like this is a good choice for those looking to craft a tailgating vehicle or for something to use with a small business. They come equipped with storage space for gear, water, and other things. One of the drawbacks is the wear and tear, which could mean expensive repairs depending on how well the vehicle was serviced while in operation.

2011 Ford F-350 SD image

2011 Ford F-350 SD

Sold Price: $19,200

This 2011 Ford F-350 came with some repairs recently done before being sold by the Pierpont Township. Repairs included replacing a turn signal switch and fuel injectors, along with switching out the engine at 19,947 miles. Those are things the new owner won’t have to think about. Even better, the truck came with a dump bed and snow plow included. The city employs vehicles like this to move snow and similar tasks, but always replaces them at a certain mileage or when a new model is acquired. When civilians buy them, they often continue using them for the same purpose, but as a fleet vehicle for their personal business. Anyone with a snow-moving or landscaping business benefits from a purchase like this one.

2013 EH Wachs Valve Maintenance Trailer image

2013 EH Wachs Valve Maintenance Trailer

Sold Price: $15,500

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Similar to the previous item, a 2013 EH Wachs valve maintenance trailer also makes a great edition to someone’s small business. One great feature about buying auction items is that you get them at a reduced price as opposed to buying directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, most people are aware that they can buy cars or trucks, but when you visit a government auction, you see an abundance of items you never expected to see, which means you can find something surprisingly useful.

1986 Sutphen/Gator Pumper image

1986 Sutphen/Gator Pumper

Sold Price: $13,400

The Austintown Township sold a 1986 Sutphen Pumper. Despite its age, the seller says the “truck is in excellent condition, runs, drives and pumps great.” Some people expect every item sold by the government to be run down, but oftentimes, these are the same vehicles and equipment that receive routine maintenance, more maintenance than the average civilian. That being said, if anything ever looks suspect or confusing, you can always bring a trusted professional mechanic along to examine the vehicle with you.

2009 International 72 Passenger School Bus

2009 International 72 Passenger School Bus

Sold Price: $2,050

The Springfield school district sold a 2009 International School Bus to one lucky bidder. If your first thought is why would anyone buy a school bus, then you should know that school buses make excellent recreational vehicles, and vehicles for small businesses. There’s enough space inside for seats on one side and a bar on the other, if you’re interested in a mobile bar. Or the bus could be turned into a food truck.

2009 Grasshopper 723K Zero Turn Mower image

2009 Grasshopper 723K Zero Turn Mower

Sold Price: $1,550

The City of Munroe Falls sold a 2009 Grasshopper zero turn mower for a little less than $2,000. Like typical government surplus, the item is sold as is. Always take time to inspect before buying.

2011 Ford Crown Victoria image

2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Sold Price: $3,955.55

With fire engines on the list, unsurprisingly there is also a police car in the form of a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria. Small businesses acquire vehicles like this to use in taxi services and security details where the company needs to have a uniform fleet. Legally, vehicles like fire engines and police cars must have their signage removed before civilians can use them. Though, that responsibility is on the buyer, not the seller. In this case, there’s nothing to be removed. Even better, police cars have stronger engines than the average car and more space. One drawback with the Crown Vic, however, as with fire engines, is the these rides often have a lot of wear and tear. Parts may potentially need replacement after buying. You can confirm this by asking questions of the seller and inspecting the vehicle in-person.

2012 Ford Explorer image

2012 Ford Explorer

Sold Price: $8,000

A 2012 Ford Explorer came out of the Village of Cleves. This is another police cruiser, equipped with a siren and lights. Aside from a tiny scratch on the front fender, the truck is in fantastic shape. Like the previous police car, this one too would make great use as a security vehicle, or even just as a standard work vehicle driven to places like a construction site. Similar to the necessary alterations of police car signage, the lights and siren will need to be tweaked for civilian use too.

1987 F8000 Firetruck Custom Car

1987 F8000 Firetruck Custom Car

Keeping in line with other rescue vehicles, the next item on the list is a 1987 F8000 Firetruck Custom Cab. This emergency vehicle is in like new condition despite the age, operates smoothly, and includes a 3-piece ladder. A battery is needed, but there are only 21,419 miles logged!

2019 Ford Explorer Rear Seats image

2019 Ford Explorer Rear Seats

Sometimes entire vehicles are sold, sometimes just the parts. In this case, seats for a 2019 Ford Explorer were sold to the winning bidder. This is the third set that the Cortland Police Department put out. The seller describes them as leather-like and that the assembly will include nuts and bolts. Government auctions are great for people who are into DIY projects because this is an opportunity to save on money and put together neat projects.

Speed Trailer image

Speed Trailer

Last but not least, a speed trailer was sold in Painesville. If you operate a construction site, an item like this helps with traffic flow, informing drivers of their current speed. This helps with ensuring operators behave not just productively, but with safety in mind.


You can peruse government surplus all day, but if you live in Ohio or closely, what’s stopping you from bidding right now? Head over to Municibid’s Ohio auctions and take a look at what’s on auction. From fire engines to traffic lights, you never know what you will find! And if a vehicle is what you fancy, don’t forget to check out our free government surplus vehicle guide. You’ll be glad you did.


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