November 29

Excellent Items Sold at Maine Government Auctions


Last Updated on January 4, 2023

Maine, like other state governments, has plenty of work to do year-round serving residents. From public schools to the weekly garbage pickup, the government employs not just people, but equipment to help get the job done. And as with any piece of equipment, usefulness declines over time. That leaves the state with surplus on their hands that needs replacement, as well as disposal. Though, disposal doesn’t have to come into account, especially when the equipment is still salvageable and profitable. That’s where state auctions come into play, and that would explain these excellent items sold at Maine government auctions.

Where to Find Maine Government Auctions

If you’re interested in finding out more, there are two places to find Maine government auctions. First, head over to Maine’s official state website. There, the state posts information about current listings, previous auction results, and numbers to call for assistance. Your other option is to find Maine surplus on Municibid, an online government auction marketplace, a helpful choice if you’re looking for non-state specific things as well. Whichever you pick, both will detail where an auction item is being sold, for how much, and how much time you still have left to bid.

Who Can Buy at Maine Government Auctions

The primary buyers at Maine government auctions will naturally be Maine residents, but if you live in a neighboring state then these are for you too. Proximity matters because government auctions often require the winners to provide their own transportation needs. Shipping and handling is usually not a part of the bid. Besides that, the only other requirements are that you are of legal age and citizenship to participate.

Excellent Items Sold at Maine Government Auctions

Maine Auctions - 2006 Ford F-550 Bucket Truck

2006 Ford F-550 Bucket Truck

Starting things off is a 2006 Ford F-550 Bucket Truck. Like many other items on this list, the automobile was sold by the City of Sanford’s Finance Department. If you’re wondering how people can make use out of such items, then consider that bucket trucks are great for utility companies, even construction companies depending on the application. The bucket extension allows you to reach otherwise unattainable heights. This attachment boasts a 300 pound weight limit and with an articulating arm and extendable boom, swivels between 90-180 degrees.

Maine Auctions - 2005 Emergency-One Cyclone Pumper

2005 Emergency-One Cyclone Pumper

Maybe you still have doubts about the array of items you can find at state auctions. Hopefully, this 2005 Emergency-One Cyclone Pumper assuages all of that. And let’s say you want to bid, but you’re not sure what you would get out of a firetruck. Rest assured, many bidders have come before you with a myriad of ways to convert fire trucks. Your options include turning the vehicle into a tow truck, a food truck, or even a mobile home on wheels.

Maine Auctions - 2002 Volvo VHD42B

2002 Volvo VHD42B

The third item on this list is a 2022 Volvo VHD428. On the plus side, the vehicle drives with 350 horsepower and a 33,000 gross vehicle weight. Let’s not forget that a snow plow and sander were included with the purchase. If you run some kind of snow removal company, an item like this would be ideal!

Maine Auctions - 2017 Honda HSS928 Snow Blower

2017 Honda HSS928 Snow Blower 

The Sanford Housing Authority sold a 2017 Honda HSS928 Snow Blower. This Honda brand snow blower is 28 inches in length with a 270cc engine and hydrostatic transmission. With only three years of use, the snow blower will provide good use to the winning bidder, either around the home or for commercial use. The winters in Maine bring plenty of snowfall, which means this snow blower can provide plenty of service. Either way, buying anything used and in good condition is a steal!

Maine Auctions - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

2011 Ford Crown Victoria

A 2011 Ford Crown Victoria came out of Sanford, Maine too and is now making a smooth new ride for someone. These vehicles make great cars, especially for daily drivers for their great engines, amenities, and sleek appearances. Oddly enough, the Crown Victoria was originally treated as an imported vehicle because Ford produced them in Canada.

What this particular bid demonstrates is that the government not only sells vehicles they once operated, but also ones that were repossessed. If the latter is what you’re after, then you’ll definitely want our helpful guide to help with the process.

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And as with other government sales, the seller indicates that this vehicle is “sold as is.” Whenever the seller states this, which is always, know that as the bidder you assume responsibility for any and all repairs that come your way. That’s why inspecting in person beforehand is recommended. Being in charge of your own repairs is not necessarily a reason to avoid bidding, especially if you are a mechanic and DIY sort of person, but this is something to know up front. You don’t want surprises during the bidding process!

Maine Auctions - 1978 International Harvester 515 Loader

1978 International Harvester 515 Loader

This 1978 International Harvester 515 Loader was sold with 720 hours after being retired from its primary use – moving snow. Now, the winning bidder will be able to use this vehicle for that purpose or some other form of earthmoving. Buying used heavy equipment is a great idea for those looking to get effective equipment while still saving a dime.

Maine Auctions - Diesel Generator Wisconsin Series

Diesel Generator – Wisconsin Series

Living somewhere like Maine, generators make all the difference when you’re trying to stay warm, or operate in the dark outdoors. No wonder this diesel generator found itself on the marketplace, thanks to the Sanford Maine Police Department.

Maine Auctions - Heavy equipment lifts

Heavy Equipment Lifts

The next entry on this list, heavy equipment lifts. Auction items don’t have to be sold individually, and oftentimes are not, especially when the item is smaller in size like jewelry or traffic signs. Bidding on an auction that includes a lot of items helps you save on time. When items are larger, fewer are typically included, but that doesn’t change their value. Items like these heavy equipment lifts prove useful when installed in warehouses or inside a garage. 

What makes auction items fun and useful purchases is that what you decide to do with them is totally dependent on you. Yes, you could buy a traffic light, but you won’t be directing traffic, but maybe it could serve as décor instead for a garage.

Maine Auctions - 2009 F-150

2009 F-150

This 2009 F-150 with two-wheel drive and a V6 gas engine was sold after being decommissioned by City of Sanford Maine’s Department of Public Works.

Car dealerships often purchase government auctioned cars because they have in-house mechanics that can fix problems, giving them a repaired product to then resell for a profit. If that’s what you’re working with, then don’t miss out on the automotives in Municibid’s catalog.

Maine Auctions - 1999 Johnston Street Sweeper

1999 Johnston Street Sweeper

The final entry on this list is a 1999 Johnston Street Sweeper. If you run a roadway maintenance company, this would be the perfect thing for you. After being retired and decommissioned, the heavy vehicle was not used in about six years.


If you’re a resident of Maine, then the only question left to ask is what’s holding you back. Sure, these excellent items have been sold, but there are more on auction now and more to come. Don’t wait, head over to our catalog and take a look at what Maine surplus is available today!


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