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Cool Items Sold in New Hampshire Government Auctions


Last Updated on July 6, 2022

If you’re living in New Hampshire, you may be surprised to learn that you and other residents could be missing out on some worthwhile opportunities. State government auctions offer a unique chance to acquire things like police cars, even fire trucks. As technology upgrades year after year, the state has to rotate out-of-date vehicles and equipment. They also have to do something with the lost and found, and seized items like cars. Within the past year, here were some cool items sold in New Hampshire government auctions.

Where to find New Hampshire government auctions

Like other state governments, New Hampshire offers residents information about their auctions through their website. There, residents can read and take note about hours, bidding procedures, and other helpful information. The more you know, the smoother the process.

And the more information you have on an item before bidding, the more secure you will feel about your purchase.

Aside from accessing the New Hampshire site directly, bidders also have the option of going through Municibid and viewing a list dedicated solely to New Hampshire commodities.

Government Surplus in New Hampshire Currently at Auction

Who can buy New Hampshire government surplus

Sometimes New Hampshire municipalities will sell their surplus directly to neighboring boroughs and cities. Most often however, New Hampshire governments auction their surplus to the public.

Cool Items in New Hampshire Government Auctions

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 2004 Neoteric Hovertrek Hovercraft

2004 Neoteric Hovertrek Hovercraft

Considering what New Hampshire has to offer as a state, seeing this hovercraft on the list isn’t the least bit odd. The 2004 Neoteric Hovertrek Hovercraft sports some signage from the fire department it was once used by and is the perfect example of surplus the government rotates out for newer equipment.  

Legally operating machinery like this will require the owner to remove the fire department signage. Only emergency services can brand themselves with the corresponding logos. Moreover, for a craft such as this, knowledge in hovercraft operation is a must to avoid injury!

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 1995 Inboard Down East Work Boat

1995 Inboard Down East Work Boat

Another watercraft to make the New Hampshire listing is the 1995 Inboard Down East Work Boat. The New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services sold this watercraft. This vessel came equipped with GPS, a radar, a VHF radio, and runs on diesel fuel. 

One of the great advantages to buying government surplus, aside from the cheaper prices, is the bidder’s ability to use their purchase toward a hobby. Some people convert buses and trucks into recreational vehicles to drive on trips. In this case, a boat would be great for an activity out on the water like fishing.

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 1960 Maxim Ladder Truck

1960 Maxim Ladder Truck

Another example of government vehicles that have exceeded their prime is this 1960 Maxim Ladder Truck. The Hinsdale Fire Department has no doubt upgraded their equipment since 1960, though the vehicle sports some lasting bright red paint and signage. This vehicle is being sold because it is no longer viable for efficient public service, though the ladder is still usable.

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 1952 Mack Fire Truck

1952 Mack Fire Truck

New Hampshire has a lot of fire-related auction items to offer, including a 1952 Mack Fire Truck. The interior of the truck is in good condition along with a suitable gas 6-cylinder engine, which runs using manual transmission. Any time you can find a nicely priced item that’s still in good condition, you’ve found a steal!

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 1989 Grove Crane RT 760

1989 Grove Crane RT 760

Deviating from the fire assembly on this list is the 1989 Grove Crane RT 760, put on sale by the New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services. All sorts of public service items wind up on the auction marketplace, including those used for construction. Machinery like this crane are ideal for someone looking to out their private business with more equipment.

New Hampshire Government Auctions - 46 Acres in Westmoreland, New Hampshire

46 Acres in Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Aside from vehicles, land also gets auctioned from time to time too. In this case, an estate was sold to the local town of Swanzey. The townsfolk dedicated the proceeds to help the community’s least fortunate, something in line with the original landowner’s wishes back in the 19th Century!

New Hampshire Government Auctions - Vintage Jukebox

Vintage Jukebox

What residents find at state auctions can truly come as a surprise, like this vintage jukebox sold by the New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services. A perfect item for some nostalgia and motivation to dance. Despite showing some wear and tear, the jukebox is in working condition with lights that still glow. 


Auctions require a bit of give and take. Item conditions and prices will vary, but if you have the right plan going in, you too can make the most of the experience. Whether you’re buying a jukebox, a dresser, or even a car, we have guides to help steer you in the right direction.

If you’re still not convinced that New Hampshire’s government auctions have something to offer you, then have a look for yourself at no charge. Once your mind has been changed, experience seamless bidding transactions when you choose to bid through Municibid.


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