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Beer-Worthy Customer Service

Beer-Worthy Customer Service

At Municibid, we take A TON of pride in going the extra mile to provide our customers with the best customer service experience they’ve ever had. And we’re not just talking about providing better service than our competitors; we mean providing a level of service better than any company you have ever worked with, period. We call it Beer-Worthy Customer Service!

What is Beer-Worthy Customer Service?

Well we didn’t come up with this description out of nowhere. We have a chuckle over the amount of times customers offer to buy us a beer after we help them out.

To us, “Beer-Worthy Customer Service” means being relatable while providing a personalized level of service to the point that our customers want to sit down with us and buy us a beer.

How do we go about providing you with the best customer service you’ve ever experienced?

We start by taking into account our own personal experiences with customer service at the various companies we do business with on a day-to-day basis – whether it’s an online store/service or a brick-and-mortar store.

Why is it so hard to speak with a real person? And don’t get me started with those online forms and help desk tickets! Is it just me or when you submit those forms do they seem to take forever to get a response if not lost altogether? What happens when you finally do get to talk with someone? They pass you around like a hot potato, or seemingly just don’t care about your issue, or make you feel like you are bothering them. This poor level of service is extremely frustrating.

Not only are we constantly checking ourselves to ensure we are living up to our beer-worthy level of service, we’re also on the lookout for opportunities to continuously improve. For instance, are there tools and solutions we can roll out to further enhance our customer service experience?

Our customer success team believes in not only providing surprisingly awesome service, but genuinely seeing our customers succeed – whether it’s ensuring governments and schools are setup to sell their surplus for as much money as possible, or helping a bidder get the information they need or to place a bid on a highly competitive auction item.

Through our personalized approach to serving our customers, we make ourselves truly accessible and in any way that best suits the person we are working with. We make it personal, because it should be personal.

At the core, we want to be the best interaction you have all day.

Navigating issues can be frustrating, so we do everything we can to lessen the burden on you. Some people prefer to pick up the phone and call us, so we are there for you. Some customers prefer to shoot off an email when they have a free moment, we are available there too. The most popular option is our live chat for anybody who just wants to talk to a live person in that moment.

We use technology to our advantage. When you use our live chat option, there are certain instances where responses on our live chat are automated. Why would we do this? Well it enables us to help you even faster! When you ask us a question on live chat and waiting for a reply, we instantly provide you with some potential answers automatically based on keywords in your question. This is designed not to have automation for the sake of automation, but to serve you faster and better.

When you call, you come into our general line so we can get you to the right person. When you email, it comes into an organized queue so we make be sure your question is forwarded and assigned to the team member best suited to help you.

Constantly learning and adapting from the customer service requests, feedback, and questions we receive helps us in taking a proactive approach toward identifying and resolving new potential issues before they happen.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of our Customer Success Portal is an accumulation of years of customer service questions that are most commonly asked and we put that information in one place for you. The more we study not only our own customer service data but also other companies, the more we learn to leverage the technology available to us. We have found ways to use this automation technology to expedite the answers to you when you need it without losing the personal touch.

With all this said, providing “beer-worthy customer service” comes down to making sure we are available to you, taking the time to understand your question, treating you with compassion, providing you with the answers you are looking for quickly and efficiently, and going the extra mile to ensure you have surprisingly awesome experience that exceeds your expectations, every time.


Jackie Doris
Customer Success Manager | Municibid


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