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Amazing Things Sold in Pennsylvania Government Auctions

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

Citizens benefit from their municipality through government services like hospitals and fire departments, or roadways being cleared of snow and debris. They also benefit from government auctions. Just like the tools citizens use or the cars we drive, eventually government equipment gets replaced with something newer. Most of the surplus consists of items rotating out of service, but sometimes will include things that are lost and found, seized, or simply no longer fit project needs. This government surplus gets resold to the public. Below are some amazing things sold in Pennsylvania government auctions.

Where to Find Pennsylvania Government Auctions

Anyone interested in looking into Pennsylvania government auctions can find more information on the state’s website, or view up to date listing of items on Municibid.

Who can buy Pennsylvania Government Surplus?

Buyers at Pennsylvania state auctions vary in age and interest, and could technically include people from out of state. Usually, the winning bidder will have to pick up their purchase on-site, which makes the most sense for people living in the area.

Private citizens are not the only participants at these auctions. Taxi services utilize government auctions to keep their fleet in uniformity. This not only means the fleet looks alike, but that the repairs will generally be the same too. Similar businesses like pizza shops may seek vehicles for a cheaper price than buying from used car dealerships.

And civilians buy vehicles for the same reasons, utility and affordability. Some see auctions as a way of cultivating their hobbies, such as buying a bus for family trips.

Amazing Things Sold in Pennsylvania Government Auctions

Pennsylvania government auctions - 1970 Brush Truck

1970 Brush Truck

Sold Price: $9,600

This 1970 brush truck is an example of one formerly employed by a fire department before being put up for sale. As technology advances, the use of outdated vehicles and equipment becomes moot. That means a cheaper buying price than what’s available at a standard car dealership.

The only catch is that anyone who bids on vehicles like this blast from the past will have to remove any identifying decals before legally driving it on the road. The initial hassle can easily be worth the money saved, so long as the used vehicle doesn’t require extensive repairs.

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Pennsylvania government auctions - 2020 Food Trailer

2020 Richland Township Food Trailer

Sold Price: $30,000

Not everything sold at auctions is from decades before. Items like this 2020 food trailer are very modern, which often means saving money while acquiring equipment that won’t need extensive repairs. A municipality originally purchased this food trailer for use in parks and event venues just before the pandemic. After places shut down, they never got a chance to use it and decided to sell.

What makes this purchase even greater for the winning bidder besides the lack of use was what was included: a hot water tank, propane tanks, refrigerator, and more.

Pennsylvania government auctions - 1958 Chevy Biscayne

1958 Chevy Biscayne

Sold Price: $15,100

Some people acquire vehicles to drive, others just want to show off their rides. That’s why buying vehicles like this 1958 Chevy Biscayne at an auction is a great and affordable opportunity for collectors. The Biscayne comes fitted with police department markings and an old-fashioned siren mounted on top, making it both stylish and historical.

Pennsylvania government auctions - 1984 Mercedes Unimog with a snowplow

1984 Mercedes Unimog

Sold Price: $20,100

In addition to police cars or fire trucks, municipalities also retire trucks they once used for road clearing. That’s why this 1984 Mercedes Unimog was previously listed for sale, along with a Schmidt sectional snowplow. Both will be useful for a private business or managing property at home.

Pennsylvania government auctions - Rolex Watch

Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer Automatic 18k Everose & Oystersteel

Sold Price: $24,100

Items like purses, computers, and even a Rolex GMT-Master II can wind up at Pennsylvania police auctions. When getting such items from the government, buyers should be aware of the likelihood that the government came into ownership of these items through repossession or forfeitures. This watch in particular was seized by the district attorney’s office before later being resold. That being said, used items like this watch can still come in good and working order.

Pennsylvania government auctions - 37 Spaces Parking Lot

37 Spaces Parking Lot

Sold Price: $160,000

Auctions will sometimes include buying land like this spacious parking lot. The space is being sold by the municipality of Mount Penn. Included with the property is a former bank driver thru, and access to electric, water, and sewage utilities.


Maybe you’re a resident of the state or somewhere nearby. If so, you too can make the most of Pennsylvania’s government surplus. The government comes into possession of items for many different reasons and that means a wide variety of things that can add utility and convenience to your life. Get yourself some jewelry, a skid steer, IT equipment, or a car with our handy government surplus guide. What you find may just surprise you so find something you like today!


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