November 14

A Few Creative Gift Ideas for Automotive Lovers

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

The time has come! The time to upgrade from those boring shirts and mug gifts to something more creative for that car lover in your life. With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the chance to step up your game this year and without breaking the bank. Whether that person is your spouse, your friend, a coworker, or somebody else, here are a few creative gift ideas for those automotive lovers!

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A Few Creative Gift Ideas for Automotive Lovers

Traffic Lights for the Yard

Kicking off the list is something most of us encounter at least once a day, but would never imagine buying as a gift – traffic lights. Believe it or not, these machines can do more than direct traffic. They also make for eccentric, even pretty yard decorations. Think of how their colors illuminate the night. Pair a few of these up with some Christmas lights and you could make something that gets the neighborhood talking.

And if you’re really ambitious, you could graduate from yard decorations to putting on something creative inside the house. Imagine playing Red Light Green Light with the kids and actually having a traffic light!

If you decide that a traffic light would make a great gift this holiday season, know that buying something like this from an auction means you get to pay what you’re comfortable with. That’s the beauty of auctions. Not only that, but you get to procure something no one will find in stores.

creative gift ideas - traffic lights

Traffic Signs for the Garage

Traffic lights make for some creative décor, but so do traffic signs, especially when hung up around the garage. Does your automotive lover spend a lot of time out there? These enthusiasts are often tinkerers and DIYers. They show their love for cars by being around them so often. Just like we decorate our rooms and office spaces, garages need to be decorated for car lovers. The right scenery has a way of increasing happiness and raising motivation. Plus, decorations look cool.

creative gift ideas - traffic signs


Who doesn’t need a good ol’ flashlight? These handy tools are useful when working in the dark, whether that means at night or looking under the hood of a car. You can never have too many either, especially when flashlights come in different sizes and with different settings. There’s a perfect one for every occasion.

Sure, you could buy a flashlight at a commercial store, but the ones found at auctions often come in bundles with other lights. For the buyer that equals the same usability with more affordability.

creative gift ideas - flashlights

EMS Lights

Flashlights have a much more practical use, but EMS lights offer a chance to be much more creative. Think of gifting someone one of these to help with mood lighting during the Halloween season, or using one while out camping if someone from the group needs help finding their way back. An EMS light could also make for a great gift for someone who owns any kind of work truck, or even a food truck business. Set the color to amber, as required by law for public use, and watch as you attract some potential customers.

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creative gift ideas - EMS lights

Tire Balancers

Car lovers don’t just own more than one vehicle. Oftentimes, they work on them too, either as a hobby or a side hustle, maybe as their primary job. Whatever the circumstance, tire balancers help with potentially changing out the old and replacing with the new. Kind of like what you’re doing this year by getting a more creative gift than the same old stuff.

creative gift ideas - tire balancer

Jack and Auto Lifts

Besides tire balancers, jack lifts are plenty useful for mechanic work too. There’s only so much you can do at an auto body shop or at home when you need to get to a car’s underside, but don’t have a jack lift. These devices can make a big difference, and can also bring a big smile to someone’s face.

creative gift ideas - jack lifts


These high-powered tools help with getting into the nitty gritty of the metals that make up cars. If someone’s into complex mechanic work, welders make a great gift. Online auctions tend to have a lot of random and unexpected things. These are no exception!

creative gift ideas - welders


Vehicles are something most of us need, whether for work commutes, vacation travels, or satisfying our itch for a relaxing drive. If someone’s a car lover, well, there’s nothing better to get them than a car, truck, or some other type of vehicle.

creative gift ideas - vehicles

Vehicle Back Seats

Now, you may be asking yourself why anyone would sell, let alone buy, vehicle back seats. But that just means the creativity of online auctions just hasn’t hit you yet! Car back seats actually make for useful seating in a shop or garage. In between working on cars, eventually we all need a break. There’s no good break without somewhere to sit.

creative gift ideas - vehicle back seats


Generators are helpful all-year round with utility that includes restoring power after a storm, creating light for working outside, and more. They’re also something you can expect to benefit that car lover in your life.

creative gift ideas - generators

Gift Ideas for the Road

There’s a chance you’re reading this list today, but aren’t yet ready to buy a gift. Christmas seems too far off, their birthday has yet to arrive. That’s okay though because these gifts are good all year-round. Good for holidays, or any day really. That’s one great feature about shopping at Municibid. We offer something useful for just about any occasion!

Once you are ready, and have a gift in mind, take a look at what we have. You’re bound to be surprised!


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