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2021 Share Your Story Contest Winners

Last Updated on February 17, 2022

Municibid has served the community as a reliable online auction service since 2006. Over the past 15 years, the marketplace has been used by governments and schools to sell their surplus and forfeitures directly to the public. Amazingly, people use this government surplus to jumpstart their businesses. They see online auctions as an opportunity to purchase used items, repurpose or refurbish them, and then resell. This means profits for them and a great purchase for someone else. Sometimes people use the surplus for recreational use, such as perfecting hobbies or converting a vehicle.

There are a range of items offered through Municibid, from jewelry to vehicles to farming tools. Imagination seems to be the only limitation for those invested in recreation and reselling. And every buyer seems to have their own unique taste for creativity.

Over the years, many success stories have emerged from the marketplace. In the year of 2021, several of those stories were given a voice in the “Share Your Story 2021 Contest”. Three people were chosen as the contest winners, claiming first, second, and third place respectively. Additionally, two people were chosen as honorable mentions. 

From the top contestants, you can hear exactly how Municibid helped them find success in their fields. Each one has a unique story along with a unique item (or items) they chose for recreation or reselling.

3rd Place: Greg Sullenberger 

The first story comes from third place winner Greg Sullenberger, a man who is no stranger to serving the community. He’s a veteran police officer, and now an experienced converter, transforming what was once a bus into a Disney-themed RV.

“After 21 years as a police officer, I retired and started my own business doing accident reconstruction privately. I have been using Municibid for 5+ years.”

“One of our most recent items purchased was a Gillig Bus. Last year I had been looking at a school bus that had just ended on my computer when my wife walked in. She said ‘Are you buying a bus?’ and I said, ‘Thinking about it and converting it.’ I thought she would tell me I was crazy – to my surprise, she said, ‘Cool, let me know when another comes up.’” 

“In November of last year, a Gillig City Bus came up on Municibid. I mentioned it to my wife and we are now the proud owners of a Gillig City bus!”

Pre-Conversion Image of Greg's Gillig Bus

“While in the process of working on it, I handed my boys (10 & 12) some paper and said, ‘If you could add some decals and a theme, what would you put on it?’ They worked for hours on some extremely great ideas for a Disney themed outside. Their ideas of course, would have cost $1000’s, but we worked on some compromises and came up with some ideas.” 

“While working on the inside of the bus, my wife was painting/stenciling the walls for a few trial runs. The boys came to look at what she was working on and said, ‘It was hideous’ (It was probably a little more feminine then what they were thinking). After a few more trials, she came up with an idea to incorporate our theme, yet make it look nice.”

The family began their conversion process in January of 2021. After a series of weekends and late nights, they finally finished turning their bus into an RV. The theme they settled on was Disney’s Star Wars.

Post-Conversion Image of Greg's Gillig Bus

“We really like using Municibid. We tell everyone that they should check it out. After seeing our bus, someone contacted my wife and asked where she got it. We recently purchased a piece of equipment for our local little league/softball association as well. We use Municibid regularly – easy and so far, everything we have gotten has been just as described.

2nd Place: John Eastlack

The second place winner, John Eastlack, recounts a story of working with his wife to turn vehicles into customized masterpieces that they then resold. He found himself enjoying the venture for far more than the profit.

“Since August 2018 my wife and I have purchased eight vehicles. Our original plan was to buy used municipal vehicles, give them an extensive makeover and then resell them. We immediately found our passion is in customizing them and not so much turning a big profit.”

Contest Winner Eastlack - before/after converted vehicle

“We not only enjoy making them look really cool, but love the challenge of buying them sight unseen. We basically fly in to wherever the awarded vehicle is, register it, then drive it back to our home in Florida. We are having the best time giving these vehicles a neat custom look and enjoy the time it gives us together working on them.”

Contest Winner Eastlack - before/after converted vehicle

“We have been overloaded with finishing up our current projects, but plan to get back to buying more in the future.”

1st Place: Robert Shields

The first place winner of the contest was Robert Shields, a man who endeavored to teach first responders so that they could go on to successfully perform their duties.

“I started training local fire departments in ice rescue back in 2000. Since that time I became an instructor for all aspects of water and dive rescue and cater to the public safety community. I started Aquatic Rescue Training 2 years ago and it has grown by leaps and bounds.”

“I won a plastic basket stretcher from Municibid. I have been looking for this particular item for a few years and not only was this in my price range but it was located only 15 minutes from my home.”

Contest Winner - Robert Shields

“Within two days of picking up the basket stretcher, I used it to teach and certify a fire department in Connecticut in surface ice rescue. I have rescue swimmer classes and Swiftwater rescue classes scheduled for this summer and it will be used in each and every class. It is an extremely helpful addition to my equipment cache.”

Though each of these winners have worked with different products, what they all have in common is creativity. Municibid’s online auction offered each of them an opportunity to either convert or repurpose items. No matter their endeavor, or yours, Municibid has options. Success stories like what we read from these winners is the reason that Municibid was listed on the Inc 5000 List for now 4 years in a row!

Will your success story be next? 


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