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20 Best Automotive Blogs on the Web


Last Updated on April 11, 2022

There are dozens upon dozens of them on the Internet, but do you know the 20 best automotive sites on the web? Many people enjoy them by sharing their automobile experiences. Others seek out knowledge about their vehicle. 

It is no wonder there are so many blogs dedicated to cars. Vehicles make up a large portion of people’s budgets. Plus, they love cars and need to drive them. Although, there is some duplication in material being published across the Internet. Here we cover the best of the best.

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1. Car buying guide

The first type of blog is the car buying guide for consumers. When buying a used car, it’s really helpful to research the models you’re considering. That is why many people rely on MotorTrend. MotorTrend features auto rankings, comparisons, first-drive reviews, and long-term reviews. Their site also includes test results and of course, a buyer’s guide.

2. Advice, tutorials, and how to’s

The more knowledge you have about your vehicle, the less likely you will experience car trouble. Very likely, you’ll be able to solve auto issues by yourself, thereby saving on mechanic fees. Advance Auto Parts features blogs on topics ranging from “5 Common Check Engine Light Codes” and “Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaky?” to “5 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Gas Rewards” and “How to Plan a Road Trip”. You can also order parts online. 

3. General news and opinion

Car manufacturers contribute significantly to the economy, so a lot of businesses and investors want to keep close tabs on what manufacturers are doing. They want to protect their investments or business. The Detroit Bureau prides itself on in-depth reporting, especially on topics such as labor relations, product recalls, and legal woes.

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4. Specific car brand blogs

Blogs dedicated to a specific car brand are generated either by the manufacturer themselves, or by one or more people enthusiastic about the brand. Even if they are sometimes critical, they do so in hopes of improving the cars. Examples include Corvette Blogger, Humble Mechanic (VW), and QuattroWorld (Audi).

5. Custom and modified cars

For those interested in news about the atypical and extraordinary, there are numerous blogs dedicated to these types of cars. For custom and modified cars, check out Stance Is Everything. Regular features include “Featured Rides,” “Swaps Are Everything,” and “WTF Fridays”.

6. Extraordinary and exotic vehicles

Petrolicious features a lot of professional-quality video and insightful articles on extraordinary and exotic vehicles. European-manufactured vehicles get most of the attention on their site, and both modern and older vehicles are regularly featured. Never the latest models. You can shop for a classic too. Current listings include a 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Series II ($225,000) and a 1965 Merlyn Mk6A Sports Racer ($112,500).

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7. Performance vehicles, mods and hot rods

Speedhunters is dedicated to the fastest cars on Earth. They feature modified (drag racing, drift, dub, retro, etc.) and performance (classic, race, hot hatch, etc.) cars. Also included are hot rods, muscle cars, dragsters, low riders and more. The blog also extensively covers numerous related events from car races to car shows.

8. Gearheads

Bangshift is not for the average driver or car enthusiast. It’s a car junkie Bible for people interested in race cars, custom modifications, obscure models, and custom cars. Major areas covered include drag racing, land speed racing, trucks, pro touring, and hot rods. Their site also includes amateur video and a forum.

9. Classic cars

Classic Nation is dedicated to cars manufactured up to the year 1972. User-generated content on old car rebuilds and tips on how to rebuild old cars dominate the headlines, but there is also content for general classic car enthusiasts. 

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10. Green vehicles

Green Car Congress publishes information about energy, technologies, issues, and policies related to sustainable mobility. The subject includes automobiles, aviation, and shipping. Reporting on the site strongly focuses on the science of green transportation issues. With a focus on emerging green technologies, the blog is generally forward-looking in nature.

11. Auto culture 

Sometimes, what’s most interesting to people is not the cars themselves, but the culture surrounding cars. For example, Fast Car covers British car culture. Noriyaro covers car culture in Japan, and it’s obvious whose car culture the Exhaust Notes Australia covers.  

12. User forums

If you want non-curated information or answers to car questions, you will want to visit a car blog with an excellent forum. Car Talk is the blog published by the popular radio show of the same name. It serves the same purpose as the show: to be helpful and accessible to car owners from all walks of life. You can ask questions of experts associated with the blog or use their forum filled with other people looking for help. You could even help others through the forum. 

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13. Driving guides

These blogs help drivers with a lot of the non-mechanical issues surrounding driving. One blog, appropriately named Driving Guide, offers state-by-state information on licensing, insurance, dealing with traffic violations, and other rules of the road.

14. Driver advocacy

The Motorist Assurance Program publishes the blog Motorist . Their vision is to create a world in which every motorist trusts the automotive maintenance and repair industry. The group helps create this trust by building relationships with more than 22,000 shops who have signed onto providing MAP standards of service. Their blog also provides helpful tips for owning and operating your vehicle.

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15. Personal

Sometimes what drives the decision to create content for a car blog is that it all connects to the blog curator in some respect. These types of blogs aren’t necessarily the best outlets for industry news or car tips since their content can be quite miscellaneous in nature. They range from exploring car nostalgia, sharing personal experiences, to talking about all the cars you owned. Just A Car Guy is a prime example. 

16. Just a little bit out there

If you like taking in your automobile information with a bit of the strange, you need to visit Hooniverse. The name comes from the word “hoon” + “universe”. Although the word “hoon” originated in Australia to mean a person who drives recklessly, the curators of the blog are redefining it to mean anyone who loves driving. Articles reveal the blog’s enthusiasm for cars and its podcast is hosted by several colorful characters. 

20 Best Automotive Sites on the Web

Advance Auto Parts
The Detroit Bureau
Corvette Blogger
Humble Mechanic
Stance Is Everything
Classic Nation
Green Car Congress
Fast Car
Exhaust Notes Australia
Car Talk
Driving Guide
Just A Car Guy

What’s Next

If you have a passion for cars, there’s something on the Internet for you. Whether you want to browse for fun or to learn, there’s something for everyone in the 20 best automotive sites on the web. You may surprise yourself, discovering more about the vehicles you already own, or deciding to own what you didn’t think was possible, like a police car. Whatever the case may be, finding top-notch work is important when there are plenty of duplicates onlines. And this comprehensive list puts you on the right track.


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