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Quality Items Sold at New Jersey Government Auctions

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Every New Jerseyite should be asking one question – what quality items are sold at New Jersey government auctions?

In fact, what are New Jersey government auctions? As with any other state, the New Jersey government employs a number of vehicles and heavy equipment when managing their municipality. This includes police cruisers, dump trucks, snow plows, and more. Eventually, these vehicles go out of date and the government upgrades to the latest versions. 

Police rotate vehicles after reaching specific criteria like mileage. The Department of Public Works also rotates through equipment, switching to smaller or bigger equipment as needed. Sometimes they contract work instead of keeping and maintaining vehicles themselves.

Additionally, the government sells off items like repossessed or stolen cars. In order to get rid of this surplus, the New Jersey government relies on auctions, both in-person and online.

Where to find New Jersey government auctions

Those interested in New Jersey government auctions can find helpful information listed on their website. Included are notices for upcoming auctions, vehicle listings along with purchase prices, location details, and contact information. Potential buyers can also find New Jersey items being auctioned on Municibid.

Who can buy New Jersey government surplus?

Majority of the items listed on New Jersey’s auction are open to the public, the entire public, not just New Jerseyites. However, there are occasions where select materials, such as police items, are only sold to other police.

These state specific auctions are a great way for people who live locally to find affordable and useful items for their home or business. People from out of state are welcome to bid, but will have to accomodate for picking up items if their bid is successful.

Government Surplus in New Jersey Currently at Auction

With this information in mind, let’s take a look a recent items auction on the marketplace. Here are 10 cool items sold on Municibid in New Jersey.

9 Quality Items Sold at New Jersey Government Auctions

1957 Ford Thunderbird

The first item to make the list is a throwback ride from the fifties. A 1957 Ford Thunderbird made its way to the online market after being repossessed by the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation.​​ The vehicle came equipped with an automatic transmission and V8 engine. New Jersey state auctioned the vehicle in average condition and it doesn’t drive at all, but will undoubtedly make an excellent collector’s item for the winning bidder.

New Jersey Government Auctions - 1957 Thunderbird

2018 Mack Garbage Truck

Something people may not expect to see in an online auction is a garbage truck. In a more modern iteration than the Thunderbird, New Jersey previously featured a 2018 Mack Garbage Truck. The vehicle even  featured a colorful “Jersey City” logo on the sides. Such a vehicle in your possession would be great for a business, or on the set of a film. 

New Jersey Government Auctions - 2018 Mack Garbage Truck

Government Surplus in New Jersey Currently at Auction

1984 AMG Corp M923

Maybe a car and a dump truck are predictable on a government auction, but what about an army truck? This diesel-fueled 1984 AMG Corp M923 came decked out in traditional military camouflage. These sorts of vehicles have been used for transporting tons of cargo between locations no matter the weather or terrain. When you buy one, especially older models, you also acquire a piece of history.

New Jersey Government Auctions - 1984 AMG Corp M923

Snowdragon SND900

Northern states are known for cold climates and heavy snowfalls. For this reason, New Jersey is home to snowmelters like the Snowdragon SND900. These behemoths are often towed by trucks to specific destinations within a municipality. Snow is rounded up by other vehicles and dumped into this machine for easy melting. The Snowdragon can melt thousands of tons of snow in an hour. This device is going to make a hefty and helpful tool for someone’s landscaping business.

New Jersey Government Auctions - Snowdragon SND900

1986 W/E HMMWV Hummer

New Jersey state listed another military vehicle to its auction, this one a 1986 W/E HMMWV Hummer. Hummers are one of the most recognizable vehicles in the military arsenal. Traditionally, militaries use them to transport personnel between locations, even in adverse conditions like gunfire and inclement weather.

New Jersey Government Auctions - 1986 W/E HMMWV Hummer

1955 Ford Fairlane

Another old school vehicle featured in the New Jersey auction was a black and white 1955 Ford Fairlane. Back in its prime, the Fairlane was a hit with the public, earning nicknames like Sunliner and Skyliner. It was full-sized and stylish!

New Jersey Government Auctions - 1955 Ford Fairlane

1969 250 Ford Pickup

Customary to municipal auctions, New Jersey sold an old fire department command car. This 1969 250 Ford pickup truck came equipped with a 4 speed manual transmission and 6-cylinder engine. Once used as a rescue vehicle, now someone can use it as a casual ride, though the fire department logo and related imagery will have to be removed.

New Jersey Government Auctions - 1969 250 Ford Pickup Truck

2007 Mercedes Benz Convertible

Not all vehicles listed on government auctions are from the last century. Some vehicles are more recent like this 2007 Mercedes Benz Convertible. When vehicles get repossessed by the state you run the chance of finding a running car in good condition and at a better price than the local dealership. That explains why someone made the bid!

New Jersey Government Auctions - 2007 Mercedes Benz Convertible

Much like the last vehicle on this list, the 2015 Maserati Qua is an even more recent car, and a luxury vehicle at that. Finding something like this in a government auction is not going to be an everyday occurrence, so those who find these opportunities and successfully bid really do luck out.

New Jersey Government Auctions - 2015 Masarati Qua


If you’re a resident of this state or a neighboring one, you too can benefit from New Jersey government surplus! Would a truck, turnstile, shelving, or chair benefit you at home or your business? That’s the sort of stuff New Jersey has to offer. We even have a vehicle guide for those looking to secure a new ride. Take a look at our marketplace and find something that says New Jersey and meets your needs today.


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