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Reading the Market: How to Find the Right Time to Make Big-Ticket Purchases

landscaping-equipment market purchase

Big-ticket items such as cars or lawn equipment are major investments and if you purchase at the wrong time, you might end up paying much more than you expected. Factors such as time of year, hour of the day, upcoming holidays, what season you’re in, and other things can have a huge impact on whether the prices of these items go up or way, way down. If you buy at the wrong time, you could end up overpaying by hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars, depending on what item you’re looking for.

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Closter Borough Holding Online Garage Sale

Closter Borough, NJ (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

Closter Borough, NJ is holding an online government auction with municibid.com to sell 14 no longer needed items.

Items up for auction online, which is open to the public, include cars, pickup trucks, dump trucks, trash trucks, a wood chipper, tractor, riding mower and a snow blower. Bidding is open now and closes on August 24th. Interested bidders can visit Closter Borough’s Surplus Store on municibid.com.

municibid Founder & CEO, Greg Berry said, “Taxpayer demand and tightened budgets require government agencies to look for new ways of increasing non-tax revenue, municibid is an easy way to achieve this and at no cost to the agency.” Berry added “auction items will reach a much broader, national and global audience of competing bidders, leading to better net results.”

In a recent example, the Town of Mansfield, MA recently sold 70 items, expecting to earn around $75,000, instead, using municibid, sales totalled $167,000.

Read more at http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/08/20/closter-borough-holding-online-garage-sale#aXljD27zCIb2YjAD.99


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City auctioning off surplus equipment

Article originally appeared on Boston.com Written by By John Laidler

The city is selling some more of its surplus equipment through an online auction. Salem two years ago signed up to use municibid.com, an online auction platform for municipalities and other government entities. Unlike other auction services, municibid does not charge a commission on sales. Users pay only a flat annual fee for unlimited auctions. “Given the success we have had in past auctions, the city of Salem has decided to continue offering our surplus goods on municibid,” Mayor Kimberley L. Driscoll said in a prepared statement, adding, “The online auction allows us to expose our items to a much broader audience resulting in more bidders and higher bids for our items.” The current auction opened July 2 and features items ranging from a fire truck and other vehicles to a street line painter and an air compressor. Depending on the item, bidding will close at various times this Thursday. For more information or to place a bid, go to the Purchasing Department’s page on the city’s website, www.salem.com.


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Plane up for sale was a drug mule

Originally appeared on philly.com 

Aircraft junkies, get out your checkbooks.

A powder blue 1959 Piper Comanche used to fly illegal drugs from Las Vegas to Montgomery County last year is up for online auction through July 12.

You can view the single-engine fixed-wing plane on www.Municibid.com, where bidding starts at $4,000. The website specializes in reselling government vehicles and other items.

The puddle jumper called “My Lady” was seized by police April 22, 2011, when pilot/owner James Handzus of Rifle, Colo., was nabbed for selling a pound of crystal meth to an undercover agent.

Handzus flew the plane from his home to Las Vegas, where he bought the meth, then flew the drugs to Wings Field in Blue Bell. Unfortunately for Handzus, an undercover agent got wind of the cargo.

Handzus was tried in Montgomery County Court this year and convicted of drug law violations. He is serving nine to 22 years in state prison, where he’ll be using ground transportation, if at all.

As part of the drug case, Assistant District Attorney James Staerk, head of the Montgomery County District Attorney Office’s forfeiture unit, argued that the plane must be forfeited to the Commonwealth.

“It is time for Mr. Handzus to kiss ‘his lady’ goodbye,” Staerk said at the time.

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman considered creating an aviation unit within her office for all of five minutes, then decided it wasn’t practical.

“I doubt there is much realistic use for a plane within our operations,” she said. “We will plan to sell the plane, and make use of the proceeds for narcotics enforcement and investigations throughout the county.

“I can think of no better way to use proceeds of illegal drug activity than to take these ill-gotten gains away from drug traffickers, and use their prized possessions to take other drug dealers out of commission.”

By Wednesday afternoon, three bidders had jumped in, and one had offered $10,100. The Bank of Colorado holds a $22,000 lien on the plane. The DA is hoping a bid will be enough to pay off the lien and turn a profit.

The plane and its logbook are available for inspection from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at Wings Field, 1501 Narcissa Rd. Staerk said the aircraft works.

“I believe it is in good repair, although it would need an FAA inspection to be airworthy,” he said.

Inquiries can be made to Staerk, Assistant District Attorney Steve Bunn, or Administrative Assistant Celeste Maia at 610-278-3108.


Contact Bonnie L. Cook at 610-313-8232 or bcook@phillynews.com. Read her “MontCo Memo” blog on Philly.com.


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Baton Rouge City-parish auctions moving to Internet

Taken from http://theadvocate.com/news/2562161-123/city-parish-auctions-moving-to-internet

Anyone wishing to purchase surplus equipment by auction from the city-parish will have to do it electronically starting next week — a new process city-parish officials say they expect to reduce costs and increase revenues.

The types of surplus equipment that previously were sold at auctions held on site will instead be auctioned off through the online auction site municibid.com, said Patti Wallace, the city-parish’s interim purchasing director.

The website caters to municipalities and government agencies, she said.

Wallace said the city-parish’s first auction on municibid.com will begin April 20 and end May 4.

The switch to the new system is part of an effort by the Mayor-President’s Office to use technology to reduce costs and increase revenue, Wallace said.

“We wanted to get our inventory greater exposure to the public,” Wallace said.

The increased exposure should result in higher bids, she said.

“We were having on-site auctions before,” Wallace said, noting that the on-site auctions were expensive.

“We have just two inventory staff,” Wallace said. “We would have to borrow employees from other departments to put on our auctions.”

The city-parish hosted only one auction per year because of overtime payments for workers and other costs associated with hosting on-site auctions, Wallace said.

The city-parish will be able to auction off surplus inventory more quickly, and with less overhead, with an online auction, Wallace said.

“Absolutely it will be ongoing as soon as we get inventory,” she said.

The first auction will give officials a chance to compare the prices with the last auction, held in June, she said.

“We wanted to conduct a representative sampling of our inventory: vehicles, lawn equipment, office equipment,” Wallace said. She said officials will compare the auction prices for individual items in the online auction to the June 11 auction.

The city-parish will be selling items seized by police, in addition to surplus equipment.

“I anticipate getting more for items,” Wallace said. “And in terms of expenditures, I expect to see a significant decrease.”

Friday afternoon, municibid’s “Baton Rouge Store” listed 48 items up for auction, including minivans, lawn mowers, copiers and tractors. Wallace said more items will be added to the list in the days ahead.

Wallace said municibid does not charge the city-parish a commission for its sales, rather it collects an 8 percent “buyer’s final sale fee” directly from the winning bidder, according to the company’s website. For auctions in some other cities, municibid charges a 5 percent buyer’s fee.

Payment for the items can be made by electronic funds transfer, wire transfer or cashier’s check, certified check or money order, municibid founder and CEO Greg Berry said in an email. The 8 percent fee must be paid with a credit or debit card, he said.

The municibid site was chosen after a “request for proposals ” was published, said Bob Abbott, an assistant parish attorney.

Wallace said companies that submitted proposals, including municibid.com, govdeals.com, Brown’s Auction Company of Lafayette, and Kunstler Newton Services of Baton Rouge. The proposals were evaluated by a committee that included Wallace and representatives of the city-parish’s information technology, finance, public works and police departments, she said.

The city has a one-year contract with municibid, with two 12-month renewal options for a maximum contract length of 36 months, Wallace said.

Wallace said the request for proposals was written after she researched ways to use technology to reduce costs and increase revenue from surplus inventory.

“I did contact two in-state and several out-of-state agencies,” she said, referring to entities that have used municipal auctions. “One said it was the same, but the majority said they saw a significant increase.”

Ascension Parish tried something similar last year, said Trent Woodard, a project coordinator in the parish’s Information Technology department.

“We went back to doing it with an on-site auction,” Woodard said. The problem wasn’t with the online auction service — Ascension Parish used govdeals.com, a similar site to municibid — but with the parish’s internal logistics.

“Most of the problems were … about having multiple people pick up items over several days,” he said, adding that the inventory and location that could accept payment were often not the same place.

Govdeals charged between 7 percent and 10 percent of the final sale price to use their service, Woodard said.

“We liked that it was advertised to more people,” he said. “The logistics didn’t really work out for us.”

For Baton Rouge, municibid will process all the payments from the winning bidders, Wallace said. Once municibid sends a certification to the city-parish, the buyer will have 10 days to pick up the equipment, she added.

Municibid serves as auctioneer for approximately 600 municipalities and agencies across the country, but Baton Rouge is the first city in Louisiana served by municibid, Berry said.

“Once we demonstrate success with Baton Rouge, we will reach out to other Louisiana agencies,” Berry said in an email.

The company serves as the online auction site for the cities of Boston and Philadelphia, he said.


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Baton Rouge Mayor Holden announces plan to hold City-Parish auctions online

Taken from http://www.wafb.com/story/17388977/mayor-holden-announces-plan-to-hold-city-parish-auctions-online#.T4bOUW6PQhc.twitter


Baton Rouge Mayor-President Melvin “Kip” Holden announced Wednesday that the City-Parish has contracted with an online government auction site, municibid.com, to auction off surplus and police-seized items.

Holden said the use of an online auction will provide greater exposure of the surplus items to a broader audience, and ultimately result in greater benefits and cost savings to the City-Parish and taxpayers. The Mayor also said online auctions are widely recognized as a “best practice” approach to inventory management for local governments.

Municibid was chosen because it is designed for local and state government entities. The move will increase non-tax revenue by enabling the City-Parish to more effectively sell surplus items by using municibid’s online government auction platform. Unlike other auction services, municibid does not charge commission on sales.

The first round of auction is scheduled to begin on April 20, 2012 and end on May 4, 2012. Items up for auction include cars, trucks, heavy equipment, lawn equipment and computer equipment. Bidding is open to the public.

For more information, go to www.brgov.com/dept/purchase/auction/.


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Didn’t Get the Fireboat You Wanted for Christmas?

Taken from article on Boston Magazine “Didn’t Get the Fireboat You Wanted for Christmas?”  By Courtney Hollands

Well, cross it off your list. Boston posted a 72.5-foot retired MV Firefighter on municibid.com earlier this week — and bidding starts at $10,000. The Pottstown, Pennsylvania-based online auction site is like an eBay for surplus government equipment, except that it doesn’t charge a seller fee (the winning bidder does pay a fee, which is 5 percent of the final sale price).

Founder and CEO Greg Berry called the fireboat “one of the more unique items” to come up for bid, and said that about 50 Massachusetts cities and towns use the site. Some places have really profited from it: Mansfield, for one, recently sold off 75 items — snowplows, bikes, tools, and more — to the tune of $160,000. The only other local offerings currently for sale are a scrap trailer from Boston and an old Wurlitzer Spinet piano from Norwood. However, if you’re willing to travel to the Quaker State, you can score a police cruiser, Crayola washable paint, or traffic light signals.

Getting back to the fireboat: The auction closes at 1 p.m. on January 30. There are public viewings between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina.

You may want to check with your local marina about slip availability before throwing your (captain’s) hat in the ring.


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Surplus auction nets Mansfield $160,000

Taken from article in the Mansfield Sun Chronicle by Lauren Carter 

MANSFIELD – The town has made almost $160,000 by auctioning off surplus equipment.

The town auctioned off 78 extra items on Municibid.com, a site that hosts online government auctions. The auction closed Dec. 22. Town Manager William Ross said a number of items sold have already been sent out, and the formerly cluttered rear section of the highway department has cleared out considerably.

“Sanford and Son’s is going out of business rapidly,” Ross joked, referring to the popular TV show about a junk dealer and his son.

Some of the auctioned items include old police cars, plows and sanders, as well as trucks, trailers, tools and some bicycles that will be going to Africa.

“Hopefully they don’t send them to Kenya, because that would lessen the impact of the marathon there,” Selectman George Dentino joked.

Ross said that since he took over as town manager, he has been eager to eliminate the town’s excess equipment.

The auction not only earns the town some additional money and reduces clutter, but removes the items from the town’s insurance list.

“There’s so many advantages to cleaning house that really benefit everyone, so kudos to you and the whole staff,” Selectmen Chairman Jess Aptowitz said.

Mike Ahearn, public buildings and special projects manager, helped to oversee the auction.

Ross said the process is now in place to auction items and move surplus vehicles and other unnecessary equipment out of town on a regular basis.

The auction earned more than expected. Ross initially estimated the town would receive something in the range of $75,000.

Ross said the majority of the income will go to the water and wastewater utilities, which had the biggest items sold.

Aptowitz called the results “awesome” and said auctioning off no-longer-needed equipment was long overdue.

“We got money into the town,” Aptowitz said. “It doesn’t matter where it goes – it’s going to be used for good purposes.”

LAUREN CARTER covers Mansfield for The Sun Chronicle. She can be reached at 508-236-0336 or at lcarter@thesunchronicle.com.


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Mansfield auctioning off surplus items

Taken from the Sun Chronicle Article “Need a Police Car?” By Lauren Carter

MANSFIELD – The town is clearing out some clutter and bringing in a bit of extra cash by auctioning off some surplus items.

Town Manager William Ross said the town is auctioning off 78 surplus items including former police cars, tools, plows, sanders, trucks, trailers and a late model screening plant.

“You name it, we have it,” Ross said.

The auction is taking place at www.municibid.com, an online auction platform that allows government agencies to sell unneeded items. The auction, which closes on Dec. 22, is open to the general public.

Ross said he has been pushing since he took over as town manager to eliminate the town’s extra, unused equipment.

“It gets them out of our inventory, it gets them off our insurance list, and it gets us a little bit of resources,” Ross said.

Ross estimates that in addition to freeing up some space, the auction could generate in the range of $75,000 for the town.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” said Selectmen Chairman Jess Aptowitz.


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East Whiteland Sells Township Vehicles

This article written by  Amanda Mahnke originally appeared in the Malvern Patch 

East Whiteland Township recently sold five vehicles at auction, whose winning bids totaled $27,736.

Since the township started using Municibid, a website for online government surplus auctions, East Whiteland has been able to get much better prices on its auction vehicles than it had in smaller, local auctions, Director of Public Works Bill Steele said at East Whiteland’s Board of Supervisors meeting on Nov. 9.

The vehicles sold at auction include a police car sold for $875 (which doesn’t run, Steele said), and a 1999 dumptruck that sold for $16,801. The winning bid for one vehicle came from as far away as Michigan.

Township Vehicles Recently Sold At Auction

VehicleBid Amount
1999 Ford F-550 Dump Truck (With snow plow & spreader)$16,801
1999 F-450 Service Truck (Sewer Department)$5,100
1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Car$875
1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Car$2,650
2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car$2,310


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